Another Towel-Head Photo

Another Towel-Head Photo

So dad picked me up and- an upsized bubble tea with a twix later- we arrived home for dinner.

We watched “Logan’s Run”. It’s really good! I quite liked it! It’s cute and quirky and has a nice message to it.

By 9:30pm I was past ready to go to bed… but alas, it’s 11pm and I’m still awake (hardly).

Tomorrow I start hardcore Biology revision. I’m so sick of all of this, but it’ll be over soon.

The bubble tea ladies LOVE me! They recognise me now (haha!), which isn’t all that surprising seeing as I go to their shop about 2-3 times a day now… and I did buy 9 bubble teas off them yesterday :3

I’m going to miss bubble tea when I leave… no matter whether I go to Australia or the UK, there will not be bubble tea. Or, if they do, it won’t be GOOD bubble tea. *Sulk*

Anyway… I’m skyping Chimmercharlie and can’t be bothered to multi-task so I’m going to stop here because I have nothing better to write about… night all!

To all you other IB students- GOOD LUCK if you still have exams coming up and CONGRATULATIONS YOU SURVIVED to those of you who finished today!



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