Biology. Ew. Revision. Ew.

Biology. Ew. Revision. Ew.

I’ve had an upsized bubble tea and listened to Brooke Fraiser’s CD “Flags” about 600 times thus far. I’m writing up definitions of stuffs and so far am up to topic 8 (I’ll have 3 more topics and 2 option topics left when I’m done with this one), not too shabby.

Two of my HL Bio buddies are in with me at the moment, not sure if more are yet to join us…

I’ve sent Lina’s (right) boyfriend to buy me more bubble tea :3

^Well… not really, he’s buying her lunch so I’ve asked him (read: offered to pay him back double) to buy me some bubble tea while he’s there.

I’m mainlining bubble tea. Chimmercharlie made the oh-so-acute observation that “it’s not healthy” the amount of bubble tea I’m drinking. Slow clap for Chimmercharlie please! Haha!

Alrighty, back to work. *Whips crack in the distance, only just audible over the moans of suffering of HL Bio students that are slaving away at meticulous revision notes under the command of the tyrannous IBO*



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