Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

So it’s Mother’s Day today! Happy Mother’s Day! 😀

My sister and I got up early to make mum breakfast and whatnot. She really liked her flowers, chocolates, new photo frame (complete with sentimental photo), Merlion charm for her charm bracelet and facial voucher. So that’s a nice start to the day.

However, I didn’t get to bed until 2am last night so I’m absolutely shattered. Back in school now doing more work… but because dad rushed me to get going I don’t have my glasses with me- grrrrrr. So I’m preparing for the inevitable headache that’s heading my way.

To add to my grumblings… we’re going out for dinner tonight. Any other night it’d be fine. I get that it’s Mother’s Day but I don’t think they understand how worried I am about tomorrow’s exams! Biology is going to be a shitstorm because I’m a rubbish student…

My own fault, I know, but it’s like they didn’t hear me when I freaked out LAST WEEK when we did the same thing- go out to dinner on an exam night.

Eeeeeesh. I guess my only solution is to work my butt off on these notes so that I only have to read over them tonight at dinner.


It’s not perfect… but that’s life I guess.

Back to work then!



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