Last Hurdle

Last Hurdle

Tomorrow I have two Chemistry exams. The day after I have my last Chemistry exam. My last IB exam. My last exam full-stop.

I will be done forever with High School.

Eeeeeee!! 😀

Even better than that, I found my prom dress!!!!!!!! YAY!

I’m not posting a photo- sorry- I would but there are far too many people from my school who read this (and guys aren’t allowed to see the dresses :P).

It’s nothing like what I’d originally hoped to buy. (Although I did find a LOVELY Cinderella-ish dress, the colour was stunning! It was $1,500. Yeah. No. Haha!) The dress I’ve found…. ooooh! I love it :3

How did I find it? Well I took a cheeky night off last night to have dinner out with Pheebers. It was supposed to just be dinner with a poke around some prom dress shops. It wound up being a prom-dress-shopping night. She’s so patient! Thank you Pheebers! And now I have my dress! Woo!

The second I put it on I could envision the whole outfit, I have made a “Prom-Look-Board” with photos of shoes and hair etc. It’s all very exciting! I can’t believe I’ve actually FOUND it! Teehee!

Okay, I need to focus on IB now. Chemistry tomorrow. Need to get a 6 on it so that I don’t hate myself forever.

Bye all! Good luck fellow IB-ers! We’re SO CLOSE! In a week the last exam will take place and we’ll ALL BE FREE FOREVER FROM IB!!! (Well… we’ll be free until the 5th of July at any rate. Unless I take resits in November :P)



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