Today’s Terrible Adventure

Can’t upload a photo because I’m at the dentist’s… awaiting my fate.

Today is the big day! The day I get all my wisdom teeth ripped from my face. o.O

Not looking forwards to this, not gonna lie. Apparently I’ll bruise after about 3 days. Better yet- because I’m so pale, the bruising just won’t be hidden with make up. Huzzah. -.-

I watched “Once Upon a Time” Season 2 last night! SO GOOD! I went to sleep at 5am after finishing episode 7. I am so in love with this show!!

Once my teeth are done all I have to do/ will be able to do is stay in bed and watch TV shows and sleep and eat nice soft foods like ICECREAM (yeahhh, so much for eating healthy to lose some weight…)





It’ll be fine, the procedure will be fine, I know, but still. Injections. Teeth removal. Ew.

Furthermore- I’ll be under “twilight anesthetic” and for those of you who don’t know… that’s a knock out drug that doesn’t actually knock you out. I’ll be “conscious” but have NO RECOLLECTION of ANYTHING!

My sister has done this before… and she talked. A lot. I’m verrrrrrry worried what I might talk about, what they might ask me while I’m out…

…UGH! I’m being stupid- there will be metal sharp things in my mouth, not my darkest secrets on the tip of my tongue… this is a surgery- not an interrogation.


I reeeeeally hope I say nothing, or at least, don’t get asked something that might prompt me to say something. My brain-mouth filter is only very loosely reigned by me… if this stuff removes the filter… I might not even NEED them to say anything- I’ll just verbal vomit all my secrets from the last few months. Let me tell you- all hell will break loose if my mum finds out I didn’t just buy “a few” books at the fete the other day (she’s already mad that I bought ANY!).

On a positive note. If I’m up to it later, my girl Randers is going to sleep over! 😀

Wish me luck!

I’ll try to post to you all when I get home. Let you see my battered… or at least icky face.


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