Gotta Love Dat Swelling

Gotta Love Dat Swelling

My goodness….

Anyway, there is absolutely NO PAIN and NO THROBBING whatsoever… I’ve only recently woken up (so it’s been about an 11 hour sleep…. maybe a little less- making it the longest I’ve slept since exams :P).

I’m not looking forwards to more meds, but at least I’m not in pain!

Mum’s offered to take Randers and I prom shopping if I feel up to it OR we could stay and watch more TV shows… hmm it’s a tempting decision, to be honest I think I’d stay for a few reasons:

1) Don’t want to bore Randers
2) I don’t know how long I’d last out and about
3) I’m scared to pull dresses over my face if need be… don’t want to irritate it :/

So yeah, I think we’re staying and finishing Sherlock, perhaps even watching a bit of Once Upon a Time or Doctor Who… WHO KNOWS?!? 🙂



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