Swift Recovery

Swift Recovery

Yay for me! I can completely smile again! (Just a little tugging feeling, but nothing awful!)

I finished Season 1 of Sherlock (Moriarti’s voice is just… o.O funny). AND I’m upto episode 15 of Season 2 of Once Upon a Time. As soon as Chimmercharlie is back from her adventures I’ll be able to venture on with Supernatural. Furthermore, Randers brought me the gift of “The Great Gatsby” novel, which means I can read it (along with the PILES and PILES of other books I’ve got left to read) and go see the movie! I’m very, very excited.

I genuinely haven’t left the bed for more than a half hour at a time… but for all the funness of catching up TV shows and doing absolutely NOTHING (*sigh of beautiful relief*), I have to take a lot of icky pills AND I’m pretty sure this blissful respite will soon come to an end…

…NO MATTER! I plan to enjoy this as long as I can. Without any further ado, back to Once Upon a Time.

CONGRATS HL MATHS KIDS!! Hope the exam wasn’t too much of a tear-jerker!
COME IB LOT!! ONE DAY MORE TO FREEDOM! German kids, GOOD LUCK! I have to make a banner at some point tonight… oh dear šŸ˜›



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