Huzzah For Doing Things!


I woke up pre-PM today, which is a first o.O

Got to school in time to stick up the “Congrats For Finishing” posters for the HL German kids. That’s it! IB EXAMS EVERYWHERE ARE OFFICIALLY OVER!!!


So yeah!

Then I returned all (but one) of my textbooks, cleared out my locker, said bye to most of my teachers, dropped all my philosophy notes to the teacher that had asked for them and went food shopping with mum. I’M ON A ROLL!

Now I’m doing preliminary packing for Ladakh and Phuket…

Haven’t watched TV today, haven’t lazed in bed… it’s something of a miracle! The only thing I’ve not really done today is exercise… but there’s still time I reckon.

We’re having a guest over for dinner at 7pm, which means I’ll be heading to the Post-IB-Exam party at 8ish (an hour late is better than nothing).

There’s still so much to be packed and done!



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