Packing Woes

Packing Woes

For the more observant of my followers… you may have noticed a slight change in my bedroom decor 😛

I’m taking a quick breather right now, but holy moly it’s been a busy morning! I haven’t left my room except to eat and throw things in the bins outside (my parents have gone to get MORE bin bags- that’s how much crap is lying around here, haha).

There is such an insane amount of stuff here. I like keeping things. I’m a hoarder. No biggie… I don’t think.

Going through this stuff is such a walk down memory lane- it makes it hard to throw stuff out. I found a ton of certificates, a ton of medals and a handful of trophies… then there are all the scrapbooks I’ve started, all the notepads of short stories I’ve written, the music I’ve sung over my years at the school, the MUN folders that I meticulously put together, my Latin Literature GCSE books (can’t part with them, I just can’t :/).

So yeah. There’s a lot. I’m dizzy from it all.

I’ve been invited to watch “Great Expectations” with my friends tonight… I really want to go, but I’m not sure how doable it is… in the middle of all this bedroom chaos.

Tomorrow is long a day too- I have my 2nd Medical Training session o.O

Starting at 8:50am, I have to go to school and learn dental and optical medical techniques for when I go to Ladakh (IN 11 DAYS!!! :O)! It’ll be pretty much all day I reckon… I’ll be lucky to get a post up before the PM…

Chimmercharlie is back tomorrow so I’m going to try and crash her house for a sleepover and Supernatural session. I FINISHED “ONCE UPON A TIME” S2 LAST NIGHT!!! It was ughhhhhhh… I was expecting a lot better… so that was a bit disappointing, but at least we’ve been guaranteed a Season 3 (is that a good thing? Not sure…)

Anyway, parents just got home… back to work! Bye! 🙂



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