Chimmercharlie is back from London (huzzah!)!

We just had a lovely dinner at Thai Express followed up by various desserts- healthy rice-y fruit-y thing for her (nyeh nyeh nyeehhh) and an oh-so-naughty chocolate ice cream for me (yeah… screw getting fit for Ladakh o.O).

It was quite eventful actually! We bumped into a few school pals and then- in a slightly more traumatic turn of events- watched a girl collapse SLAP into the pavement, having an epileptic fit. We offered to call the ambulance but they seemed to have it under control (and we all know in Singapore that the taxi service responds faster and more effectively than any emergency station here- here we tip our hats to the absolutist road rules Singapore upholds- emergency vehicles are no more important than any other car, we don’t move out of their way and they can’t run red lights etc… taxi drivers here, you see, have no care for their own lives and so can happily run red lights all they like).

So yeah! Eventful night! Now we’re gonna watch some SUPERNATURAL FUCK YEAH!! 😀

Bai guises :3



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  1. chimmercharlie
    May 26, 2013 @ 03:05:27

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