A Weekend of Hard Work Later

A Weekend of Hard Work Later

Ta daaa!

Ok- I know pretty much all of you have NEVER MET ME EVER IN PERSON EVER and have therefore never been in my room before… but this is huge. My room is EMPTY o.O

There is so much SPACE in here… it’s weird! D:

I’m pretty much living out of a suitcase- there are 3 post card things saying “DO NOT PACK” scattered on the piles beside my bed, but apart from that everything is going. All my books- ALL OF THEM!

I’ve saved 5 to read between now and when I leave. I’d say 5 is too few (considering how fast I read books…) but there are many factors to consider:
1) I’m in Ladakh for 2 weeks and can’t read them
2) I’ve been off school for 1 week and haven’t touched any so far
3) I’m not likely to get a chance to read much until I fly to Phuket and or Australia… which is in a month give or take
4) The weight limit on luggage

So yeah. I’d keep more books but I really can’t…

Now after all this hard work (and for 2 days of stress ahead- the packers come in for 2 days) I SHALL REWARD MYSELF WITH BUFFY! 😀

Last 7 episodes of Season 4 come to mama :3



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