Shipping Out


All the boxes are packed. The 20 foot container is packed. My room is empty. The house is empty. Everything is done. DONE!


So great.

Not without drama mind you.


So what happened today… well I woke up and jogged (yay me!) and then sat in a room and watched more Buffy (season 5 now hella yeaaaaah). I was supposed to go Prom shopping with my sister today but she opted out when she heard one of my friends was coming too. This is a crucial piece of information for this story. She stayed at home because my friend was joining us. She later changed this excuse to: mum needed me to stay home for moral support.

Anyway, I went out and bought mum a card to say she’s awesome for dealing with the move etc. Lina, my friend, and I were having a great time shopping and making fun of things in shops and had finally gotten around to looking at prom dresses for me when I got a very rude phone call from my sister. REALLY rude. Then she hung up on me and I tried on a few more. I was zipping another one up when the phone rang again… only this time it was mum. Thus ensued a 20 minute screamed rant from her about how I’d misplaced my sister’s purse (which I hadn’t- but that didn’t matter) and now she couldn’t go clubbing because her fake ID was in there. Her ID was missing therefore *I* couldn’t go clubbing either. She yelled and yelled and I was just stood there in a changing room, trying to keep the dress up and to not either scream or burst into tears. I hadn’t misplaced my sister’s damn purse. I know I hadn’t. I’m not that careless.

But it didn’t matter because my precious freaking doll of a sister couldn’t go clubbing now because the purse was missing- presumably packed away in a box somewhere. It really hurt because mum made it out to sound like she’d rather believe I was lying about misplacing the purse than the purse being stolen by one of the 10 or so men in the house today. I know it can’t have been stolen, these guys are really good, it was probably packed accidentally- it wouldn’t be the first time it had happened. Earlier today, or was it yesterday? One of the guys accidentally packed AN ENTIRE CHAIR that was in my sister’s room WHILE SHE WAS THERE. Didn’t anyone yell at her for it? Nope. They just unpacked the chair and were done with it. 

If they can accidentally pack a CHAIR, how freaking easy a slip would it be to accidentally pack a PURSE.

But no, clearly I’m lying.


Anyway, mum hangs up on me and I’m left for the next 4 hours believing I’m in a freaking ton of trouble because somehow it’s my fault that my poor darling sister had had her ID packed away. I went to buy mum a red velvet cupcake (which I’d written about in the card I’d bought her 2 hours prior to the phone call), only to find them all sold out. So, believing I was about to die at the hands of my mum, I got an extra cab to get them both cake to say sorry- even though it wasn’t my fault- only to come home and find them all playing happy frexing families.

Oh, we’re all over it. Oh, it’s all ok now. Oh, she’s got one from a friend now. Oh, don’t be so grumpy, oh god you can’t be in a bad mood. 

Nearly got in trouble because I WAS SCARED I’D BE IN TROUBLE.

For FOUR FREAKING HOURS I wandered around thinking I was about to be in trouble because my sister lost her ID. Nope. I’m not in trouble for that, I’m in trouble for being affronted by their blatant bipolarism.

I couldn’t handle it!

I had to go to my bedroom and cry for a bit, just to get the emotional stress out of my system. Then dad heard me and walked in. Ughhhh. I told him how I felt and got a lecture about how I should have taken the fall for it anyway. Apparently that’s the ADULT thing to do. *Rolls eyes*

I give up. I really do.

Anyway, here’s my cat. She’s decided to fall asleep on my bed. So cute!


On a positive note in the midst of all this ick of a night- I think I’ve found 2 dresses to choose between for prom. Yay!


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