It’s Always a Good Time


WOO! Ladies Night last night was so much fun!

I did a LOT yesterday. After getting the stitches out I went prom shopping with my mum and sister… found nothing. Again. Felt like crying but there’s no point.

Then I went home and watched Buffy until my friend showed up to go out for dinner. It was a Chemistry Thank You Dinner for my tutor and so pretty much the entire class was there, it was really nice. We went to a curry house (prep for Ladakh! Haha!) in Dempsy.


So yeah! After dinner we got drinks at this random bar. I’d promised Chimmercharlie that I’d meet her at Clarke Quay at 10pm-ish but we changed plans last minute and I wound up picking her up from her place at 10 in a taxi before hitting the town. First stop: Chuppitos (or “ChupChups” as I’ve affectionately taken to calling it).

We downed $70 worth of alcohol. I’ve never had so much in my life! I had 4 shots (2 Red Headed Sluts, 1 Dark Knight and 1 Virgin’s Blush- don’t ever drink the Dark Knight, it made my lips tingle and my throat feel warm, I nearly died haha), and a drink (Green Lantern = yummy!). I HAVE DISCOVERED MY DRINK! I’m a Midori girl :3

So yeah, that done we then got stamped for Attica where they were having a special Ladies Night thing:


We got a vodka/pineapple shot thing in a test tube at the door (couldn’t taste the vodka and that is saying something!!) as well as lollipops and candy floss. I was very tipsy by this point, we couldn’t stop laughing. We were having so much fun and we hadn’t even gone IN yet 😛

When we eventually DID get in we got yet another drink (Midori and Sprite for me, thank you very much!), which was to be our last for the night. 


We danced on the podiums, Chimmercharlie got chatted up by a British guy and then I spied a potential dance partner (which is so rare, you have no idea… I’m very picky :P) and Chimmercharlie forced me to go over and say hi. Eventually I did and it turned out he was just about to go to Mink so we joined him and his friend. The taxi drive with all 4 of us was a little awkward, but we did our best!! Free entry to Mink and we weren’t even ID’d! This guy’s friend was on a guestlist so it was pretty smooth. 

Mink, however, was not what I’d thought it would be. The dancefloor consisted of big ass podium things (don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice club… just not a dancing club) and the podiums were SO STICKY you couldn’t walk. It was a bit gross.

So we bailed. But the guys didn’t come with. Oh well, their loss. *Shrugs*

We went back to Clarke Quay to finish off the night but couldn’t be bothered to go back to Attica so we went and sat on the bridge until we decided to go home at about 2:10am-ish.

I had the nicest taxi driver, he was a real sweetie and we hit it off. Crashed into bed at around 3am, only to get up this morning at 7am to go and hike around Bukit Timah Nature Reserve for 2 hours. It was a fun hike but BOY was it moggy down there…

Anyway, I’m just about to head out the door again to meet up with Lina for lunch and mani-pedi’s (it’s been so long!!!). So yeah, I’m late now, oh well, bye!!


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