Time is a Tickin’…

Time is a Tickin'...

This whole “freedom” thing is not as stress-free as I thought it would be.

My parents don’t believe in “sleep ins”… I’ve been woken at 7am nearly everyday this week… that’s normal school time! I tried to have a nap just then and my mum told me off. Ugh!

Still no prom dress and less than a week until Ladakh. I want to cry. I really do.

Last night I went out with Lina for lunch and a mani-pedi, which was lovely. She found prom shoes that are gorgeous! Now I just have to survive my parents, Mr. Dickhead (aka Davis) and prom shopping.

Okay… I have to go and do other things because this isn’t free time yet. I don’t even know what’s going on today. I thought I did. Nope. *Rolls eyes*



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