Phuket Day 2

Phuket Day 2

Ahhhhh, such a great day.

Chimmercharlie and I woke up at 9… got out of bed at 9:30 and were at breakfast by 9:50. The (western) staff here are pricks. They’re French so I guess it explains it… (JOKING!)

After breakfast we hit the streets for a cheap foot massage, which was soooo goooooood (about SG$6 for an hour o.O). Then came the complimentary shoulder massage.

I think I died. And not in the good way.

It hurt like a mofo. The guy was a fab foot rubber-er… but shoulders? In a matter of 5 minutes I was in pain like I’d never known it. He bent me this funny way that made the weirdest noise come out of my mouth, it hurt like a bitch (and has continued to hurt until now). I DON’T BEND. Never have and never will, pulling my limbs 500 degrees behind my head will not suddenly make me bendy- it will make me suddenly snap and die. Jeeeesh. Other than that it was heaven.

After the massage we tried to find a money changer. Nowhere sold US dollars. Sooooo annoying -.-

Then back to the hotel to swim and have a bowl of chips by the pool :3

After HOURS we headed to the room and showered and prepared for dinner. We’re heading out in an hour and a bit. The plan is to see a Ping Pong show tonight. SO EXCITED! πŸ˜€

Last night was… eye-opening. We went to Bangla street (or whatever it’s cold) and were accosted on all sides by people selling “Ping Pong and Go Go Shows”. It’s crazy. Lady boys and people selling every contraband under the sun are EVERYWHERE. There are strippers on poles (with very bored looks on their faces… and no movement whatsoever in their hips). So many people wandering around that you feel disorientated and confused.

We came home pretty quick, we were in bed by midnight-ish…

SO yeah.

I sunburnt from today. Grrr. Haha πŸ˜›

OKAY we’re going out soon and I need to do make up so byee πŸ™‚


Phuket Grad Trip!!


The day finally came!!

I, like my fellow graduates before me, have arrived in Phuket to celebrate finishing Year 13!!!


Ughhh so much to tell! I should really cover all of it before I start on Phuket…

But I have no time right now, we’re about to head out for the night- we weren’t going to. We were going to chill at the hotel and watch ‘Supernatural’… but those plans have been turned on their head :/

Anyway, we got to the airport around 11am. Checked in quite quickly, nearly (NEARLY) avoided the teary goodbyes… but not quite. Finally got through all the security checks and duty free shopping (MIDORI WOO!) and onto the flight. Randers and I sat next to each other (and some poor, poor stranger) and for the most part- slept. Both of us went clubbing last night (we’re silly, whatever).

Landed in Phuket in BEAUTIFUL weather. Absolutely stunning. Blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Chimmercharlie had already arranged transport to the hotel so everything was UBER smooth.

Until we got to the hotel.

It was- naturally- going too smooth.

No-one thought to tell us (thanks mum and dad -.-) that you have to put down insurance for your room. None of us really have the money for it, resulting in everyone getting shitty and stressed because we were also very hungry by this point.

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY we got checked into the hotel and taken to our rooms. First impressions: lovely room, stunning views and quaint rooms. Closer inspection revealed a few flaws with the room- one of the plugs isn’t a happy chappy. Grrr.

Straight out to lunch (SO YUMMY), checking massage prices as we went. I ordered a “Sherley Temple”, which turned out to be a shocking Barbie pink colour (I will upload a photo later when they’re uploaded). I’m pretty sure it had milk in it… no freaking clue. The colour. I just can’t. πŸ˜›

After lunch we hit up the local convenience stores and bought LOTS of water bottles- too many- but they were cheap and in a box thing so (Y). We also bought cup congee to eat for dinner with our ‘Supernatural’ fest. Nope. Not anymore. Still, it’s yummy.

WE SWAM!!!! I HAVEN’T BEEN IN A POOL FOR YEARS! I GENUINELY CANNOT REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I WENT IN A POOL!!!!!!! We swam for an hour- sooooo darrrrrn gooooooood.

Now we’re all in the room, showered and dressed to go out. Pre’s are in an hour and a bit so we’re chillin’. BYE!

Quote of the night:

“Randers is wearing a dress too”

“Yeah, but Randers isn’t wearing bandaids on her titties!”

I’ll leave you to figure out who said that out of the four other girls we’re rooming with… πŸ˜‰

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

My dad and I in front of the windows in our (their) MBS room! SO GORGEOUS!

What a way to say goodbye to Singapore!

SOO much to report but I really have to go… Ughhh, so much to catch you all up on and SO MANY PHOTOS TO UPLOAD… sadly I’m not sure when exactly I’ll get a chance to write to you all. Please bear with me.

We handed over the keys to our house and here we are in a swanky hotel room. My last night with the family- but I’m going clubbing with friends in about an hour or so… Eeep.

I’m so damn tired, I don’t want to go out. But I must. Alas. First world problems and all πŸ˜›

Bye! πŸ™‚


Finally Got My Hair Down

Finally Got My Hair Down

Took a while but HEY! There is an ungodly number of pins piled next to the mattress. I can’t believe I’ve pulled two hours worth of styling out of my hair and I’m SERIOUSLY not looking forwards to having to brush this… o.O


Graduation and Prom and Clubbing, Oh My!

Graduation and Prom and Clubbing, Oh My!

Soooooooo I kinda missed posting yesterday (Thursday)- seeing as technically it’s Friday (it’s 3am).

In 8 months, I’ve officially missed my first post D:

But with good reason I suppose! There will be photos, I promise! πŸ™‚

Graduation was amazing and scary. Prom was beautiful and AHHHHHHH! After-Prom was freaking awesome! I’m so tired. We all are. It’s been a long and emotional day.

We’ve ordered Maccers- as we do at the end of every night out. It’s sad to think that it’s the last time we’ll be doing this.

PHUKET ON SATURDAY! Super excited! I need to get my shoes off someone before I go… I accidentally packed up my shoes and handed them over to my friend (I’ll be staying at her house after Phuket).

My legs are going to kill me in the mornning. I’m also not looking forwards to having to pull my hair out in about 4 seconds…


Okay… I’ll write more tomorrow if I get the chance. May or may not be able to write, but hopefully yes.

Night! One post-grad kid signing out! πŸ˜€


So I’m Sort of Graduating Tomorrow.

So I'm Sort of Graduating Tomorrow.

Lol whut.

In just over 12 hours I will no longer be a high school student. Ermagerd.

Today was fun. And stressful.

I came into school early to get music recorded for Prom tomorrow night and that didn’t happen = stressful.

We had the two performances = fun.

I had to pick up my prom dress in between the two shows = stressful.

I go to see my sister off at her prom (in full costume and make up from the show) = fun.

Now I’ve watched 2 episodes of Buffy and I really should shower and get an early night but I just can’t stop. I haven’t slept before 2am since I got back from Ladakh and I can REALLY feel it at the moment. I eyebrows hurt I’m so exhausted.

I have to go into school early again tomorrow (but “early” is still two hours later than today) to get the music recorded.

Then I get my graduation gown and do a tour of the school and finally get my graduation certificate (once they’ve deemed us sufficiently sweaty from the walk around campus).

Everything is in order. I have my dress, shoes, jewellery, hair picked out, sister organised to do my make up, after prom and sleepover gear at Chimmercharlie’s. ARGH! I AM ABOUT TO GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL!! D:

It’s all happening so damn fast!

I can’t believe I’m finally at this finish line! My heart is twisting in fear and leaping for joy… frankly it’s making me feel quite sick. My skin is jittery and tight.

So I think I’ll take my mind off it with another episode of Buffy before I shower.

Oh shit it’s 10:30… mum and dad might be home soon. I should probably have showered by then… but I don’t want to move…. but I don’t want to get in trouble. FML. First world problems.

PS- I think I’ll have “Hansel and Gretel” stuck in my head for the next 4 months at least.



Long Day- Prepping for Another

Long Day- Prepping for Another

SOOOO- today started rocky and ended really well!

Started with yet another arguement with mum, winding up with me being late- once again- to rehearsals.

I woke up verrry tired from last night. Dad got me out of bed an hour earlier than agreed (grrr) to pack all the suitcases of “stuff left in my room”. My room is pretty much officially bare except for 4 suitcases (one for Phuket, one for Singapore, two for Australia- one for stuff to bring with me when I move down, the other to come in a few months).

Rehearsals were quick and painless in comparison.

Then Chimmercharlie and I rehearsed our duet for Prom on THURSDAY! (HOLY HELL IT’S TWO DAYS AWAY :O)

Then I went home and mum made me wash my hair (again -.-) with this weird cream stuff to take the ginger tinge out of it… She says it’s worked… I don’t know…

Resulting in another arguement, resulting in being late (once again) to meet Chimmercharlie to get our nails done. I got gellish this time- never had it before and I swear I’ll never have it again. NO-ONE TOLD ME THEY USE HOT DRYERS TO DRY THE NAILS! I made a weird “peep” sound when they switched it on my fingertips BURNED LIKE THEY’D BEEN DIPPED IN HELL FOR A MINUTE.

Anyway, they look really nice and HOPEFULLY they’ll be durable enough to survive me until Thursday night. I have only had a manicure once before and it was chipping before the second day was even half way through…

Uhmmmm- after that I caught up with Pheebers for dinner, ice cream and last minute prom shopping. Pheebers wanted shoes and I needed hair bands for the hair style I’ve chosen for my dress. It took absolutely AGES (we were cutting it damn close with shop closing times…), but we eventually pulled together everything we needed. Both of us had to compromise in our quests, but the more important thing was that we accomplished them.

Tomorrow is going to be crazy hectic.

I need to drop off a bag to Chimmercharlie during rehearsals tomorrow for Thursday night- I’ll be getting ready for After-Prom at hers, then sleeping at hers after. We both need to be in school stupidly early to record the piano backtrack for our duet. Then we have dress rehearsals starting at 8:45am. The first show is at 1 or 2pm… We originally thought 2… but now we’re not sure. After the show is done I am PRAYING we’re allowed to roam free until the next show (at either 5 or 6pm- fingers crossed for 5!), because I’ll need that time to run around like a headless chook and get my final prom dress fitting, pick up with damn dress AND drop off 3 of the 4 suitcases at a friend’s house (I’ll be staying with her after Phuket and for ease of handing over the keys to the house on Friday, the parents want everything out).

And somehow I have to get back to school in time for the 2nd show.

Which I desperately hope is at 5pm.

Because then I can go and see my sister off to her Prom. I really want to see her in her dress.


Scary how real everything is becoming.

Friday will be busy. I need to be home from Chimmercharlie’s by 9-10am. Her, two other friends and I have a special something planned for Friday. I’d originally thought it would be in the morning, but it’s now at noon- which I don’t know how it will affect everything… there’s a chance I may have to cancel on them (:'( oh dear). Anyway, keys to the house are handed over at 3pm-ish. Then the family moves into a hotel for their last remaining weekend in Singapore.

That night will be our last dinner as a family for a few weeks. It’ll be bitter sweet to say the least. Friday will also be the day we have to say goodbye to our long-suffering, faithful helper. She’s been with us for over 10 years and has been like a big sister to me (saved my ass too many times to count… put me in the shit bin with my parents too many times too… still, I’ll miss her).

I’ve also planned to catch up with a really good friend of mine that night to go clubbing, I’ll crash at hers afterwards and then go to Phuket on Saturday!




I Love Being 18 (Sometimes)


Just had a great- if not one of the BEST- night’s out.


Green Lantern and two Red Headed Sluts :3

Chimmercharlie threw an AWESOME joint birthday party. Of course Midori isn’t on the free flow list so I paid for two at the party, then went to Chuppitos later and had another (along with 4 shots). I’m sober as a funeral. I guess I’m lucky… but it’s kind of unfair that I have to shell out a lot of cash if I want to get drunk. Fingers crossed for Phuket. I’ve yet to actually get drunk. I’ve touched the surface- I’ve been tipsy. Full stop. That’s it. I seem to have a liver of steel.

*Rolls eyes*

Anyway. I made a real effort for the party and everyone said I looked really nice, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside :3


After the party we hit up a new club called “Play House” about two doors down from the bar where the party was (besides ChupChups). It’s a Monday night so it was understandably quiet in terms of there only being a few groups of people there. Naturally my group of school pre-graduates did their best to tear the place down- but GOODNESS was it fun! We danced on podiums and whatnot. I’ve heard better music, but all in all it was great! πŸ™‚

Tomorrow will be tip-toe difficult with mum… then I have rehearsals… then graduation rehearsals… I think that’s all that’s planned. I really REALLY wanna see my visiting friend but I don’t know when and how I’ll get it past mum… Ugh. Parents. I know she’s doing her best and going through a hard time, but I’m trying too. I know I can be a little shit sometimes, but I’m really trying to do exactly what she wants me to. I’m tired of letting her down and being screamed at. I just want to get along again. At least until I leave home and can be my own person and don’t HAVE to get along with her. (Not that I don’t want to get along with my mum, I really do, I love being tight with my mum, but sometimes she drives me crazy and what makes it worse is the cabin fever that we get because I have nowhere else to run for refuge.)

Okay. I’m going to either fall asleep or watch Buffy.

I have a feeling the later will win out πŸ˜›

Funny Little Day

Funny Little Day

Goodness golly gosh today has been a rollercoaster.

Woke up this morning in good spirits (if a little tired still), last night was beautiful. Everyone had an awesome night. It was so ADULT!! :O

I left at 2am with our lady of honour (my philosophy teacher) and one of my other philo classmates, after a lengthy discussion about religion with the host and one other girl. All in all it was one of the best evenings I’ve been to in a while.

So yeah, I was happy this morning.

Then hell bitch came rolling through my door and started screaming and ranting and raving about things I’ve done and not done etc…

Long story short I was VERY late to rehearsals today- nearly half an hour. *Sigh*

It took a few minutes, but I soon put the morning out of my mind and went to our recently-ex-head of infant’s school’s birthday celebration to perform a solo for her. Everything went so smoothly and happily. It was lovely.

Went back to opera rehearsals for ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and had lunch with Chimmercharlie and broke the news to her that I didn’t think I’d be able to make her birthday party tonight.

When rehearsals ended at 3pm I was a bit anxious about getting home- I didn’t know what mood she’d be in, or if she’d even pick me up. I called my sister and found out she WAS in fact coming.

We ran a few errands and then finally headed home and she relented and said I could go to Chimmercharlie’s as long as I packed completely for the next week. So I was contentedly packing away when the next fucking bombshell was dropped.

We were giving the cat away- not on Friday as planned, but right freaking now. (Originally I’d thought she was being given away while I was in Ladakh… they changed their minds.)

I cried the entire way to her new home. The helpers laughed at me. She’s there now. It’s breaking my heart. She must think we’ve abandoned her and she’s terrified and hissing at everything. The new house has 2 cats and two big dogs and I just hope she’s ok. It’s better than having her put down but I just hate not having her HERE with ME. She’s MY cat.

So yeah. It’s emotional. Very sad.

BUT I can go to Chimmercharlie’s. For the umpteenth time, I’m going to try and get drunk.

Rehearsals are at 1:30 tomorrow. Full dress rehearsal. I can’t believe how quickly everything is happening. It’s going too fast, but in a way- thank god.

The sooner the family moves to Australia the freaking better because they’re just stressing and yelling here. They’re biting at the bit to leave here.

Oh dear- Chimmercharlie’s party just started… *Sigh*

I can’t do anything fucking right today.

I’ll get there eventually.


The Ladakh Trip: Global Clinic

They’ve posted a mini thing about the trip on thisΒ site:

Feel free to check it out! πŸ™‚


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