Messing Up

Happy First of June!! 😀


So I was supposed to go running at 7:30 this morning. I woke up at 12pm. Whoops.

I guess that’s what happens when you get home at 3am from clubbing though…

Oh well, I had a fab night out last night with Chimmercharlie.


I went to her house at about 9ish and from there we taxi-d to Clarke Quay for drinks at ChupChups (there are photos of the menu this time!). We tried new ones! I have now established 2 drinks that I adore: Red Headed Sluts (Jager, Peach Schnapps, Cranberry Juice) and the Green Lantern (Midori, Vodka, Sprite). We also tried the Illusion (gross) and the Sex on the Beach shots… the latter wasn’t too bad.


^ It’s beautiful isn’t it? *Wipes away tear with sniffle*

When we finished drinking at Chuppitos we decided to try and find someone to get us into Attica guestlist (therefore free :P), which usually consists of hanging around the club of choice and waiting to be approached. But just as we were leaving Chuppitos these two guys came up to us- one seemed quite drunk (he was very loud…) and he started grabbing at Chimmercharlie and saying how hot she looked blah blah blah. His friend just looked really sheepish and tried to talk to me, I wasn’t having any of it and it was clear he was embarrassed by his friend. This guy just kept touching Chimmercharlie’s arm and putting his arm around her and eventually he asked us to tell him something about ourselves so I looked at Chimmercharlie and back to this guy and said “Um, would you mind taking your arm off my girlfriend then, please” and OMG HIS FACE! XD

The two of them baulked. It was so funny. They just looked at us wide-eyed and then drunkie started demanding we proved it by making out, to which Chimmercharlie said “You know Singapore, you know the rules here, we can’t and anyway we don’t have to prove anything to you”. We were dying of laughter on the inside but we kept our shit together. Once they finally buggered off we nearly collapsed, we were laughing so hard.

Anyway, after that fun little show all the bouncers were being dicks so we decided to go back to our original plan and head to Marina Bay Sands. It was a risk because we got there at about 11:40pm and the “free entry” ended at 11pm… but luckily our friend was at the door, love this guy. Next time we go we are TOTALLY getting a photo with him.

So yeah, we walked up to him and I asked how much it was to get in and he said $38 and I sighed, smiled at him (genuine smile- not the bitchy smile) then and said “oh okay then, we’ll just head for the queue” and he stopped us and asked how many were coming tonight and I said it was just us, so he let us in free!! 😀

*Sigh* I love Ku De Ta.

So yeah, we went up and danced and danced, there weren’t any guys but then again we don’t go to Ku De Ta to hook up, we go for the music. Mind you… there were 2 maybes… but we couldn’t find one after he went in and the other had a girlfriend (we know because he came over to say hi when we were sat outside with some of his friends…. ughh… not telling this in the right order… I’ll start again).

While we were dancing this guy came over to us- we thought he was part of a wedding party, turns out he was just out with friends to party. He was nice enough but neither of us wanted to hook up with him. One of the girls he was with stood on me -.-

We danced with a group of them for a while before deciding to try and give them the slip by going outside under the pretense of Chimmercharlie’s heels hurting her feet. He didn’t take the hint and followed us out. We started chatting, the guys were nice enough, quite funny, but it really wasn’t going to happen. REALLY wasn’t going to happen 😛

While we were chatting with them a cute guy walked in and we sat there giving each other “OMG” looks but we couldn’t leave without being rude. We didn’t find him again. *Sigh*

THEN another of their friend’s walked out with the girl who’d stood on my foot (she was nice enough when she realised, she offered us wine… hahaha). Now HE was CUTE. He asked where we were from and when I said Australia he pushed for more and more details until I asked him where he was from and unlike ALL the other people he was with- he was from Sydney. I started getting hopeful that this guy would stick around when the chick turned around and started bitching at him… turns out they’re dating and they constantly fight… the guys we were sat with laughed as she followed him off, yelling at him.

So that was that… no guys. Oh well…

We decided to leave at around 2am because the guy just wasn’t getting the hint that we weren’t interested and he kept being a little strange- it was funny, but slightly irritating. At which point we ran into our biggest problem- the taxi queues. I swear I’ve never seen them so long! We went to three different queues before giving up and just waiting in the last one. Took about 20 minutes to get a cab, but he wouldn’t do 2 stops so I went to Chimmercharlie’s for about 20 minutes to get another one home.

Finally made it home at 3am… completely shattered, nearly fell asleep in the taxi. Didn’t wake up again until 12pm. Missed running with mum. She wasn’t even home… which usually isn’t a good sign. So I pulled out the exercise mat and started doing the exercises she went over with me a couple of days ago. She came home just as I was finishing up. I have to go running later, but she said she wasn’t mad… just disappointed (ughhh, she knows that makes me feel worse :/).

She sat on my bed and we chatted it out and so we’re on good terms now, but I still have to go running 😛


So now I’m just packing for Ladakh.

Ladakh- my next adventure and also my first problem (blog-wise)… I’m thinking I’ll either schedule daily posts to keep you all in the loop about my trip OR I’ll hand my baby over to Chimmercharlie to keep up for me… it’s not really fair to dump this on her so I might just schedule posts. We’ll see…

I’ll be away for 2 weeks and I don’t want to ruin my at-least-one-post-a-day track record. I’ve been doing it for what… nearly 8 months now! This is impressive! Haha!

Going running in about 2 hours. Ew.

Then I’m going out to dinner with a lot of friends, which will be a nice way to end the day! 🙂


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