Busy Start and Lazy End


So today was interesting. Chimmercharlie and I woke up at 1pm-ish, which meant I had to skeddadle to be at school in time for a mini-meeting with someone who has been to Ladakh before and proved more useful to me than the guy who’s actually leading this trip. 

As soon as that was over I went on a quest to get my sister an ID- a quest that took about 4 hours and a bit to complete. A quest that I eventually succeeded in. Eventually.

Anyway, I came home and was too exhausted to even bother thinking about running. So I lay down on my bed, got comfortable and FINISHED SEASON 5 OF BUFFY! WOO! 

And also not woo. WTF KIND OF ENDING IS SEASON 5? I wasn’t planning on watching Season 6 until I got back from Ladakh! NOW I HAVE TO! Dammit, Joss Whedon, WHY?!

So yeah. I’m off to do that now- just realised that I hadn’t posted today and there really isn’t much left of today either.

Also- I forgot to “write more later” as I’d said in my last post… long story short, I ran, came home, lay in bed with Chimmercharlie and watched another… 4 episodes (?) of Supernatural season 4 (which was awesome!) and we even managed to squeeze in a TRADITIONAL midnight snack!! No kidding! We snuck downstairs and collected a good haul (well as good as it was going to get in my house…) of Salt and Vinegar chips, salsa and dippy things, a tiny chocolate bar, coke, orange juice and rice cakes. Teeheehee!

We had a lot of fun.

So yeah. That brings us all up to date on my life. I really need to start tagging my posts so that people OTHER THAN THE PEOPLE FROM MY SCHOOL can read this. It’s frustrating really… I changed my URL to get away from them… but it seems to have restricted my views to being solely from Singapore. *Sigh*

Yes, yes, I must start tagging so that other people can stumble here. It’d be nice to see another country in my stats for once methinks. 

OH! And if you’re having a bad day- or if you want to make a good day better- click this link:

It’s absolutely hilarious and the comments make it more amusing. My sister showed it to me about 10 minutes ago. I love it. Enjoy! 🙂


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