Sweet and Sour

Sweet and Sour

Waking up before midday = sour.
Doctor’s appointment, complete with two injections = sour.
Cupcake from Delifrance = sweet.
Book from a book sale = sweet.
Sushi lunch with Chimmercharlie = sweet.
Re-doing roots at home = sour.
Watching Buffy Season 6 = sweet.

All tied up as to whether today has been a success or not, haha. I’m just about to pack my Ladakh bag- eek!

I still need to sort out posts for while I’m away, not much time left to do that now! Can’t believe I leave in 2 days!!! :O

It’s crazy!

Chimmercharlie and I are trying to decide whether or not we want to perform a duet at the Graduation ceremony… well it’s not if we will or not, it’s do we have a duet or not. We’ll need to practice…

Hmmm, I need to pack then I think I’ll write more… no promises though, I really want to finish season 6 of Buffy (I was going to leave season 6 until after I got back but nooooooo Joss Whedon had to stomp that plan to hell…)

So yeah. Don’t know about the colour… it’s the same box we used last time but I have no clue what it’ll look like in the sun. Mum said it might turn out “ombre”… because that’s apparently trendy, I have no clue, but she said she might have messed up the ends of the dye…. whatever that means.

Ugh, we’ll have to wait and see.



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