Ladakh Day 4: Screening

Today’s weather report:

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at AM 01.15.56
SO! Today is the big day! First day of screening. Our group of 18 will be split into 5 groups in order to make the clinic move as smoothly as possible.

Group 1: Registration

Group 2: Vision Acuity (using one of these:)

The Illiterate "E" Test
The Illiterate “E” Test

Group 3: Diagnosis

Group 4: Explanation of Diagnosis to Patient

Group 5: “Receipt” Collection (for patients requiring glasses. As the glasses are being distributed for free as a result of our fund raising, we need to keep a record of which person is getting what prescription. In order to do this the patient will be required to keep a “receipt” with their registration number and their prescription, we will also keep a copy and hand this over to a factory in Delhi on our way home. Three months later, voila, everyone has glasses!)

After all this scaryness is over we have to prepare for the start of our 5 day hike! Tomorrow morning we shall embark on this- reportedly gentle- climb that will take us to somewhere between 5,000m and 6,000m after a few days. In a perfect world we’ll eventually hit 6,000m… but last year only made it to about 5,300m-ish.

Tonight is our last night in a guest-house. As of tomorrow we’re tenting it up! 🙂


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