Ladakh Day 13: Free Day

Today’s weather report:

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at AM 01.16.59

I can’t believe it’s all nearly over! We have a free day today, we’ll probably need it after the last two days, haha! There’s a possibility we’ll continue the clinic today, but it’s very unlikely according to the itinerary…

Today we enjoy our privileged lifestyles and let the mountain ranges surrounding us humble us. Today we soak up Leh, we soak up the sun and the warmth and the faces arounds us. I suppose I’ll be avoiding the sun though to be honest… I’m terrified I’ll burn- or worse tan– here in Ladakh. Prom is on the 27th and I just KNOW the red won’t have gone down by then (and I’m telling you now I simply CANNOT BE SUNBURNT or have weird tan lines).

We’ll probably be packing our things or wandering around the village to pick up knick-knacks and whatnot.

If I’m not profoundly moved as an individual by now… well let’s just say I’m pretty sure I will be. I over-empathise and so it doesn’t take much to emotionally overwhelm me- hence why I don’t watch scary movies or reaaaally sad movies.

Ladakh, Ladakh, Ladakh… I hope I’ll be feeling serene and pleasantly tired- you know, the tired you get after a job well done. That lazy-cat-in-a-puddle-of-sunlight feeling. I expect the trip will instill in me a feeling of inner sunshine, if that’s the right way to phrase it. The experience should be so intense and wonderful that I radiate peace for the next few days when I’m back.

Stok Guesthouse


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