Everything’s Going Right!

Everything's Going Right!

…Not to jinx it or anything…

I went to rehearsals this morning and all went well, we’re just tidying up the loose ends for the graduation song. “Hansel and Gretel” is all learned and under control.

I GOT MY PROM DRESS!! WOOO!!! It looks great with the shoes too! 😀

Umm, what else- OH YEAH I HAD A BUBBLE TEA!! WOO!!

Then I went shopping with Chimmercharlie and Staples and bought this really cute dress for causal wear.

My room is a tip… oh well. I need to clean that up before I go out tonight! Got onto the guestlist for the opening of a new club! 😀

I’ll clean my room up after Buffy… I’ve FINALLY reached the musical episode! 😀

I should really do that the other way around….. :/

Ughhhh, being responsible…

OH! Better news yet? THE SMOG HAS GONE DOWN! 😀

Hope you’re all having a fab day too! 😀



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