Long Day- Prepping for Another

Long Day- Prepping for Another

SOOOO- today started rocky and ended really well!

Started with yet another arguement with mum, winding up with me being late- once again- to rehearsals.

I woke up verrry tired from last night. Dad got me out of bed an hour earlier than agreed (grrr) to pack all the suitcases of “stuff left in my room”. My room is pretty much officially bare except for 4 suitcases (one for Phuket, one for Singapore, two for Australia- one for stuff to bring with me when I move down, the other to come in a few months).

Rehearsals were quick and painless in comparison.

Then Chimmercharlie and I rehearsed our duet for Prom on THURSDAY! (HOLY HELL IT’S TWO DAYS AWAY :O)

Then I went home and mum made me wash my hair (again -.-) with this weird cream stuff to take the ginger tinge out of it… She says it’s worked… I don’t know…

Resulting in another arguement, resulting in being late (once again) to meet Chimmercharlie to get our nails done. I got gellish this time- never had it before and I swear I’ll never have it again. NO-ONE TOLD ME THEY USE HOT DRYERS TO DRY THE NAILS! I made a weird “peep” sound when they switched it on my fingertips BURNED LIKE THEY’D BEEN DIPPED IN HELL FOR A MINUTE.

Anyway, they look really nice and HOPEFULLY they’ll be durable enough to survive me until Thursday night. I have only had a manicure once before and it was chipping before the second day was even half way through…

Uhmmmm- after that I caught up with Pheebers for dinner, ice cream and last minute prom shopping. Pheebers wanted shoes and I needed hair bands for the hair style I’ve chosen for my dress. It took absolutely AGES (we were cutting it damn close with shop closing times…), but we eventually pulled together everything we needed. Both of us had to compromise in our quests, but the more important thing was that we accomplished them.

Tomorrow is going to be crazy hectic.

I need to drop off a bag to Chimmercharlie during rehearsals tomorrow for Thursday night- I’ll be getting ready for After-Prom at hers, then sleeping at hers after. We both need to be in school stupidly early to record the piano backtrack for our duet. Then we have dress rehearsals starting at 8:45am. The first show is at 1 or 2pm… We originally thought 2… but now we’re not sure. After the show is done I am PRAYING we’re allowed to roam free until the next show (at either 5 or 6pm- fingers crossed for 5!), because I’ll need that time to run around like a headless chook and get my final prom dress fitting, pick up with damn dress AND drop off 3 of the 4 suitcases at a friend’s house (I’ll be staying with her after Phuket and for ease of handing over the keys to the house on Friday, the parents want everything out).

And somehow I have to get back to school in time for the 2nd show.

Which I desperately hope is at 5pm.

Because then I can go and see my sister off to her Prom. I really want to see her in her dress.


Scary how real everything is becoming.

Friday will be busy. I need to be home from Chimmercharlie’s by 9-10am. Her, two other friends and I have a special something planned for Friday. I’d originally thought it would be in the morning, but it’s now at noon- which I don’t know how it will affect everything… there’s a chance I may have to cancel on them (:'( oh dear). Anyway, keys to the house are handed over at 3pm-ish. Then the family moves into a hotel for their last remaining weekend in Singapore.

That night will be our last dinner as a family for a few weeks. It’ll be bitter sweet to say the least. Friday will also be the day we have to say goodbye to our long-suffering, faithful helper. She’s been with us for over 10 years and has been like a big sister to me (saved my ass too many times to count… put me in the shit bin with my parents too many times too… still, I’ll miss her).

I’ve also planned to catch up with a really good friend of mine that night to go clubbing, I’ll crash at hers afterwards and then go to Phuket on Saturday!





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