Phuket Grad Trip!!


The day finally came!!

I, like my fellow graduates before me, have arrived in Phuket to celebrate finishing Year 13!!!


Ughhh so much to tell! I should really cover all of it before I start on Phuket…

But I have no time right now, we’re about to head out for the night- we weren’t going to. We were going to chill at the hotel and watch ‘Supernatural’… but those plans have been turned on their head :/

Anyway, we got to the airport around 11am. Checked in quite quickly, nearly (NEARLY) avoided the teary goodbyes… but not quite. Finally got through all the security checks and duty free shopping (MIDORI WOO!) and onto the flight. Randers and I sat next to each other (and some poor, poor stranger) and for the most part- slept. Both of us went clubbing last night (we’re silly, whatever).

Landed in Phuket in BEAUTIFUL weather. Absolutely stunning. Blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Chimmercharlie had already arranged transport to the hotel so everything was UBER smooth.

Until we got to the hotel.

It was- naturally- going too smooth.

No-one thought to tell us (thanks mum and dad -.-) that you have to put down insurance for your room. None of us really have the money for it, resulting in everyone getting shitty and stressed because we were also very hungry by this point.

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY we got checked into the hotel and taken to our rooms. First impressions: lovely room, stunning views and quaint rooms. Closer inspection revealed a few flaws with the room- one of the plugs isn’t a happy chappy. Grrr.

Straight out to lunch (SO YUMMY), checking massage prices as we went. I ordered a “Sherley Temple”, which turned out to be a shocking Barbie pink colour (I will upload a photo later when they’re uploaded). I’m pretty sure it had milk in it… no freaking clue. The colour. I just can’t. 😛

After lunch we hit up the local convenience stores and bought LOTS of water bottles- too many- but they were cheap and in a box thing so (Y). We also bought cup congee to eat for dinner with our ‘Supernatural’ fest. Nope. Not anymore. Still, it’s yummy.

WE SWAM!!!! I HAVEN’T BEEN IN A POOL FOR YEARS! I GENUINELY CANNOT REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I WENT IN A POOL!!!!!!! We swam for an hour- sooooo darrrrrn gooooooood.

Now we’re all in the room, showered and dressed to go out. Pre’s are in an hour and a bit so we’re chillin’. BYE!

Quote of the night:

“Randers is wearing a dress too”

“Yeah, but Randers isn’t wearing bandaids on her titties!”

I’ll leave you to figure out who said that out of the four other girls we’re rooming with… 😉


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