Ladies Night Madness!

Ladies Night Madness!


Back in my natural habitat πŸ˜€

Today was fun. I went out for lunch with my friend (teppen yaki! WOO! Haha!), before heading out into the city to buy birthday presents and whatnot. Didn’t actually DO much, but it was enough that I wasn’t bored.

Now I’m heading out to MBS, my local haunt, to go to Ladies Night! I’m super excited to be out again!

Tomorrow I’m getting a haircut (dun dun DUUUUNNNN)… anyone who knows me, knows I hate hairdressers. They are the spawn of Satan as far as I’m concerned.

But alas, I must go. Mum’s guilted me into it (and basically, if I do what she wants then she might reconsider the UK for uni…. *shrugs* who knows)…

Anyway, I’ll post pictures!

Got to go! Taxi’s here! Bye!! πŸ™‚


Adventure Cove Waterpark, Sentosa


I have sunburn on my shoulders and bandaids on my feet. I’m so exhausted I don’t want to move even aΒ millimetre- even if it’s to get more comfortable. I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this physically tired.

Today was awesome fun. A group of friends invited me (very last minute) to come to the new Sentosa waterpark with them, I said yes… naturally I then couldn’t find my flip flops and had no idea where the beach towels were (so I brought a bath towel :S)…Β 


Adventure Cove is amazing. Granted, it’s not as big as Dream World in Brizzy, nor does it have as many rides as Wild, Wild Wet (another waterpark in Singapore), but it is FUN!


It has the staples: Lazy River and Wave Pool, but then it also has a “swim with the fishies yaaay” bit AND a “swim with the manta rays” bit (but you have to pay for that… we settled for laughing at their strange looking underbellies as we went around the Lazy River.

We went on all of the free park bits, but possibly the most exciting part of my day there was the “challenge yourself” section (a.k.a Splashworks).


It’s like a mini obstacle course, but you can pick and choose which bits you want to do. We did all of it, of course. Now, despite pouring over google images for the last 5 minutes, I cannot find a picture of the “obstacle” I want to talk about.

Ok, imagine this. A pool, very deep, but concealed by a big overhanging rock thing at the back of the Splashworks section. Hanging from this overhanging rock is a rope with knots in it (about aΒ metreΒ or a little over between each knot) and next to the rope- riiiiight at the very top- is a bell.Β 

The aim is to scale the rope using the knots in order to ring the bell before jumping down into the water.

Sounds a LOT easier than it is. Trust me, it looks easy too.

It’s not.

It’s really, really not.

When we set eyes on this obstacle we all started groaning and making excuses for ourselves- valid excuses, mind you, but excuses all the same. E.g. “I have no core strength”, “I have no upper body strength” etc…Β 

Needless to say, none of us hit the bell.

The first time at least. See, the thing is, one of us SO NEARLY MADE IT! Her technique harked back to the days our ancestors climbed trees, grasping the rope between her toes in order to have enough grip to pull herself up further. Unfortunately she fell just before she could hit the bell.

After that we walked away, tails between our legs, trying to laugh off the spectacle we’d made of ourselves trying to reach the top. A few of us vowed we’d go home and do weights and whatnot before returning to take down that wicked rope.

Thankfully, that didn’t need to happen. Refusing to fail, I tackled that rope a second time, this time using the monkey foot technique and lo- I MADE IT! I was the first girl in our group to ring the bell! Then came the awkward “how the hell do I get down gracefully from here”… 2 seconds later I decided there was NO graceful way down so I promptly let go of the rope and free-fell the 10-15 feet into the pool below.

My shoulders still hurt a little, but I am damn proud of myself. So damn proud.

What else… we left the waterpark at around 5 or 6ish to go to McDonalds for ice cream before heading home. My feet hurt like crazy from walking around barefoot all day, as I said before, pretty much all of me really hurts at the moment πŸ˜›

I’m now about to watch an episode or two of Buffy before go to sleep… I was supposed to skype Chimmercharlie, but we seem to have missed each other :/

Bye! πŸ™‚

PS- if you’re ever in Singapore looking for something relatively cheap to do for a whole day, GO TO ADVENTURE COVE!! It’s is awesome! $30 entrance on non-peak days, then $20 for an all-day big locker (or $10 for an all-day little locker). There are food places in the park, limited range of food, but decent price for what you get (and it’s quite yummy! I had the chicken burger :3). So yeah, if you’re looking for something to do, I highly recommend it! πŸ™‚


Back into the Swing of Things

Back into the Swing of Things

So I went out shopping and whatnot for 9 hours today… I’m actually late for dinner right now…

I got some revision guides for November and I bought some scrapbooks and sticky-in stuff, even some headphones! I now have everything I need to go back to Australia… well. Sort of πŸ˜›

I spent most of the day with Lina, it was so great to see her again!

While out, I consumed a LOT of food. Nearly everything I’ve been missing, I ate while I was out today.

Old Chang Kee, Bubble Tea, Wanton Noodle Soup, etc πŸ˜€

Now I’m about to go out for sushi :3

All that’s left to eat is Teppenyaki and sushi and general hawker :3

I swear to goodness that Singapore is having a national Slurpee crisis. I went to four different 7/11s and NONE of them had working Slurpee machines. *Sigh*

Also, one more thing before I rush out the door for dinner, who the heck loves me so much in the Maldives?!?! I have 95 views TODAY ALONE from the Maldives. Whoever you are, thank you, you make me feel loved πŸ˜›

Got to run! Bye! πŸ™‚


Home, Sweet Home

Home, Sweet Home

I’m loving being back here in Singapore.

When I arrived at Brisbane airport to fly here there was a HUGE, bright rainbow. Obviously the world wants me to stay here too. Rainbows are signs of good luck, right? πŸ˜€

After that… the flight was great. Watched lots of movies.

Between this flight and the flight to Brizzy, I reckon I’ve pretty much caught up all the main movies I’ve missed from the last 2 years πŸ˜€

Singapore to Brisbane:
G.I. Joe: Retaliation
The Croods
The Host

Brisbane to Singapore:
Side Effects
Upside Down
Escape from Planet Earth

I’m sure there were more…. I’m nearly certain I watched 4 movies today…. argh, who really cares πŸ˜›

Walked around Orchard Road today, bought some stuff from Daiso (a.k.a. the $2 shop!) and met dad at a food court for dinner (Yong Tau Foo! HELL YEAH!!!) πŸ˜€

So yeah, dad and I just watched a bit of Eddie Izzard and now it’s time for bed. Very busy day tomorrow! Finally get to see my friends again! πŸ˜€

Bye! πŸ™‚

PS- OH YEAH! I watched “Warm Bodies” today as well! YAY!





Back in B-E-A-UTIFUL 32 degree weather and among the sky scrapers where I belong.

Breathe in the pollution (compared to Brisbane :P)! *Sigh*

Flight was great, everything is great! (Of course then my sister calls up and puts me in a shitty mood for all of 5 minutes because she’s misplaced her laptop charger- so NATURALLY I took it. Naturally. Because I’m “not” the only person in this family that never EVER loses things… ever.) But she can’t keep me down forever because I’M HERE and SHE’S THERE!!!! AHH! All is well with the world πŸ˜€

Mum and I finally got along this morning. It was nice to leave on a sweet note.

Okay, I have a hella lotta washing to do- post later! Bye!! πŸ˜€


Settling Back

Settling Back

Okay, so I’ve calmed down a lot since my last post.

I’ve done the dishes, put relevant dishes in the dishwasher and turned it on (WITH soap this time), ironed as much as I know how to, packed the necessary suitcases and carry ons, my iPod is charging, I’m showered and clean teethed and have my outfit for tomorrow laid out nicely.

I am ready to go home.

I’ve closed all my live in nanny apps and have opened the Buffy episode tabs.

The dog keeps trying to sabotage my writing by putting her silly head on my keyboard so I can’t type.

Being in the house alone for the first time ever in a strange new country is frightening enough without her growling and barking at the dishwasher noises OR at the blinking smoke detection machine.

OKAY she has just defiantly slammed her paw down on my hand. I have to go and pamper her some more now. Haha!

Bye! πŸ™‚





The home situation is going from bad to worse. If that’s even bloody possible. I cannot WAIT to get away from the hell bitch that is my mother. She’s a very bad influence on my dad. VERY bad.

Hopefully when I go home things will go back to normal. At least for a week. I already have plans to go clubbing most nights and I’m finishing big with a night at the Marina Bay Sands with one of my girlies for her birthday!! πŸ˜€

I’ll need to get her a prezzie…

While I’m in Singapore I also need to get a few scrapbooks, sticky-inner scrapbooky things, my revision guides, an adaptor for my laptop charger (or an actual Australian laptop charger), headphones and all the clothes I left behind.

Tonight is the first night I’ve had completely to myself. My sister is at her semi-formal and my parents are out at a dinner to get to know the parents of other girls my sister schools with.

Me? I’m chilling. I have some chores to do, need to finish off packing my carry on case for the flight tomorrow morning and I have to apply for a few “live in nanny” jobs (because god knows I can’t live here for much longer without committing homicide).

Mum and I have been ignoring each other and if we’re not ignoring each other we’re fighting like cats- as in bitchy swipes at one another (mainly mum saying nasty shit to me when I don’t dignify her insults with a reply). Today she threatened to kick me out of the house… so I’m beating her to it. I’m moving out.

I’ve looked through job availabilities before and quite a few offer free board nannying, of course you’re being paid by the free boarding. I’ll apply to a few of those and see where it gets me. Frankly, as long as it gets me out of the house, I really don’t care what hours they want me to do.

Furthermore, my “mother” has demanded I pay back every penny she has put down for my resits.

I have to pull $500 out of my ass, basically.

As icing on the freaking cake, she has stated categorically that I am not going to the UK for my undergrad.

Well fuck her, if I’m not going to the UK, then don’t expect me home for bloody holidays.

As you can tell, house life isn’t fun.

I don’t know what fantasy she’s living in- that we’d all move to Australia and play happy families and I’d miraculously know how to do all the chores that “normal” kids can do. WAKE THE HELL UP! I’ve grown up with live in help, for 18 years the only “chores” I’ve had were making my bed and washing dishes on Sunday. That’s it!


I’m supposed to know how to use, for example, a washing machine, a dish washing machine, and an iron. Ok, to most people of the world, this isn’t too hard. I have never in my life touched these things. I’ve ironed occasionally, but nothing finicky like my sister’s bloody pleated school shirt.

I got in a shit load of trouble because I forgot to put soap in the dish washer when I turned it on. IT WAS A BLOODY ACCIDENT! I hadn’t purposely not put soap in to spite her!

UGH! She drives me INSANE!

Now that dad’s here I hardly get to walk the dog so I’m stuck in these 4 damn walls all day everyday. I’m bound to this household like a damn ghost.

I have no desire to come back here after my week is up in Singapore. None.

Mum complains that she’s just as alone as I am here. BULLSHIT! She has friends and she has a phone, heck, I don’t even have house keys! Thank GOD the household internet got set up yesterday (not that I’ve had much of a chance to use it), otherwise I’d probably jump out a window.

I’m more homesick than ever, but at least I HAVE to go to Uni in February now and not waste another 6 bloody months here with the bitch queen waiting for the UK Unis to start.

Oh how I wish I could go to the UK. I want to get away from my family. I want to be with my friends. I want to be in a schooling system that is an hour away (TOPS) from an archaeological site. I want to be in a University that fucking recognises archaeology as a mofo SCIENCE! But alas, no, I am stuck here in the land down under.

It’s not all bad. The Unis here are great! I have a good shot at getting into the top Australian Unis… but it’s not the UK. It’s not far enough away from my bloody mother. The pluses are: I can get into a top Uni, I can do a Bachelor of Ancient History (as opposed to a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Ancient History). But that’s about it.

If I could go to Nottingham I could do a joint honours double degree, BA Ancient History and BSc Archaeology.

But nope. The woman that brought me into this world delights in destroying me so that she can make me miserable at home right along with her.

I know this all seems so petty and stupid. I’m just angry with her, I don’t hate her and I know she doesn’t hate me. We’re just always at odds and this is HUGE odd to be at.

I want to get out there and explore the world and every time I strive towards it, I get stumped. I was so close to halfway ready for Greece… then it all fell apart before my very eyes.

Now? I have to pay my parents back for my resits before I can consider earning money for Greece again.

I have to get out of this damn house. I’m going to apply to the live in nanny ads now, maybe watch some Buffy later (god I’ve missed Buffy).



Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you’re always a day away!

I’ll see you all back in Singapore! Byee!

PS- Chimmercharlie, please believe me, if there was any way I could get to the UK I’d be there. Unless I can get a scholarship that pays for ALL my fees and ALL my accomodation… I can’t go. There’s simply no way I can get there. My parents straight up refuse to pay for the fees and my mother (of course) doesn’t believe I’ll get a scholarship. Hateful bitch. Anyway. I miss you like crazy and you look like you’re having a great time on your cruise! Miss you hun!


Selling My Soul

Selling My Soul

So for the last 2 years I’d sold my soul to the school and IB.

Today? Sold my soul to my parents in order to get the fuck out of this fucking house.

I’m back in the IB.

I want to get to the UK so freaking bad. I’m SO close to emailing the UK unis and begging them to let me have a scholarship, any scholarship, just to get there and away from here. I’ll jump through hoops of fire to get away from here.

Mum hates me. Dad’s riding me. My sister is a little bitch.

Gotta love family life.

Mum is dead against me going to the UK, ergo she’s dead against me, quote: “wasting our retirement money on exams”. Yup. Life at home just went from hard, to fucking hell.

Dad supports me wanting to resit. In some bizarre twist of fate he’s now on my side to go to the UK.

If I can get a scholarship, I can go.

We now have house internet = unlimited internet = UK uni scholarship research throughout the night.

We have a blow up mattress in my room so I can be online without my parents hounding me- well, my mum.

Dad’s making me his bitch. He keeps singing the same bloody tune about this studying being my job. I have to keep hours and work around the house. My new rule, according to him, before I think about taking a rest, look for something to do around the house first.

Of course my sister has turned to the fucking perfect child JUST to highlight how shit I am. Always a plus.

Oh, I’ve been summoned. Bye.

PS- if you haven’t already guessed, no cinema tonight. Mum doesn’t feel like it.


Busy, Busy Day

Busy, Busy Day

So today has been full of adventures.

Woke up, fought with mum (naturally), then went out with dad to organise the resits. This school is all the way out in Indooroopilly (I’m in Clayfield), turns out dad used to live there when he was younger. After a walk down memory lane (for him), we found the school and began our walk through an absolute maze.

The school is HUGE and confusing as heck. We wandered around for at least 20 minutes, we found the netball courts and the girl’s dorm rooms and the health centre… then FINALLY a person who could take us to the main reception.

It all went pretty smoothly from there. The IB coordinator is arranging my registration over the weekend, so no late fees for me!

Getting out was EASY after our adventure in.

Once we’d finished the school business we headed into the City to meet my sister (she needed to buy jewellery for her “semi-formal” tomorrow night and I was in desperate need of a bubble tea). Then started our second adventure of the day.

From the City we caught the wrong train home- but didn’t realise it until we were 2 stops from our destination and suddenly the train conductor called out the wrong stop name and we all panicked- then mum yelled at us over the phone.

SO NOW we’re here!! Here being the carpark of a mall next door to home.

Heading out to the cinemas to see “The Heat” now, so I’ll need to turn off the internet. Bye! πŸ™‚


Cupcake PJs

Cupcake PJs

How do I not have a boyfriend with these?? πŸ˜›


Today was shitty as HECK. I don’t think I’ve cried this much since I flew to Australia two and a bit weeks ago. It’s just been really emotional.

Dad flew in this morning and the second he walked in the door, mum picked a fight with me. It’s lasted pretty much all day until dinner.


It kinda sucked.

But it’s nice to have dad back. REALLY nice. To FINALLY have someone in my corner again… *sigh*


AHHH!!! Sooooo cute. Verrrrrry old, but I’d watch it again. Along with “The Princess Bride” and “Ferngully” and all those other childhood classics (that aren’t Disney :P)…

Now we’re all curled on the day couch watching “Bridesmaids” (for the bajillionth time. It gets better every time).

SOO yeah. That’s all.

It’s really hard to live with mum.

OMG how could I forget!! I organised my resits today! Part of the emotional breakdown today was due to that. I’m going in to meet with the school tomorrow afternoon to confirm it all, but yay! November exams here I come.


My birthday will have to be skipped. For the 3rd year running now. *Sigh*

What else…

I think that’s it. For now.

I simply CANNOT WAIT until Sunday to go home for a week. I can’t stand being away from so much. I can’t wait for the food and the weather and the clubbing and my friends *whimpers*…

Yeah. Homesick isn’t even cover half of it.

Byeeee! πŸ™‚


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