Phuket Day 4

Photo on 2013-07-03 at 01.38

This is my face of unadulterated joy. Everybody else pisses off to Singapore tomorrow morning before we roll out of bed. PHUKET IS OURS FOR THE TAKING! :3

Yet again I’ve managed to miss a day of blogging- but am saved by the time difference… (which makes me wonder, what time zone exactly IS wordpress set to?)

Anyway, today, Phuket, yes.


Woke up, ditched Chimmercharlie to sleep while I got some breakfast, came back and she was still in bed (awake, but in bed. Lazy shit ;P). Then we headed out into the streets for massages- MUCH better than the first time and cheaper too WOO! Afterwards we headed to lunch at the place from the first day, Chimmercharlie and I shared food- unfortunately no more Shirley Temples for me 😛

Then off to the beach (freaking finally!) for the first time on the trip. I really, REALLY wore the wrong swim cozzie but oh well. The swimsuit was more suited to a swimming pool than the rough seas. We rented out four lounge chairs and three boogie boards.

Turns out: I’m queen of boogie boarding. I schooled EVERYONE. Ha. 😛

Not to boast or anything… *flicks invisible dirt from shoulders*

But then, naturally, the weather turned from bad to downright ugly (like me in the morning :P)… seemingly out of nowhere the slightly overcast skies became black and horizontal rain practically tore shreds off our faces. The rain was so freaking hard. It stung upon contact. Everyone raced for cover- and in our case eventually a tuk tuk back to the hotel.

After one of the best hot showers, Chimmercharlie and I settled in to watch most of “What to expect when expecting” (most, but not all… grr). Then out to dinner.

At first the group had planned to eat in the freaking hotel… they expected us to all pay upwards of 700 baht (each) on dinner. Thus far in the trip I’d be surprised if anyone’s paid more than 300 baht- 400 tops- for any one meal.

To finish the night off- as it is most people’s last night here- we all met up in a specified person’s room and shared drinks. I had some alcohol… but got sick of the taste before I could actually get much past halfway tipsy (gosh darn it -.-).

So yeah.

Full account of today!

Now we’re chillin’ in the room and Chimmercharlie is about to order room service (freaking finally on the eating front- she ain’t as big a foodie as me).

Night all!


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