It’s Been a Bloody Long Day


I don’t look my best- so sue me, it’s been a rough day.

Started with saying bye to Chimmercharlie. I’ve been awake for nearly 17 hours with only 3-4 hours sleep between today and yesterday. I walked myself until I was stupidly tired because I couldn’t deal with being cooped up all day. I got to read pretty much everyone’s exam results, making my own paranoia worse. I haven’t opened my results. I’m frickin’ terrified. Then I went to a party, my head killing me and my eyes hurting. Wasn’t in the best place I guess… but I’m glad I went. It was a nice night, even if I did come home early. 

I JUST WATCHED THE SEASON 6 FINALE TO BUFFY! Cried my sorry little heart out- because apparently I haven’t cried enough/ been through enough emotional trauma today… -.-

While I was out “shopping” today I nearly bought Chimmercharlie another box of goodies- a Fresher’s Week box this time… yeah it’s a bit early, call it separation anxiety if you need to. I’m not enjoying this loss. Anyway, the box was pretty cool if I don’t say so myself:


I was in some swanky posh gift shop so the price tag for all this was near $100, not that it would have mattered in the long run, but seeing as my parents would probably want the money from Phuket back… yeah, it wasn’t economically viable today.

The box contained:

– An “Anything is Possible” card, reeeeeally cute, I love the brand!
– A “Panties of Peace” lipgloss from the same brand as the card
– Batman mints :3
– A set of cards that read “52 Ways to Get Over a Hangover”
– Another set of cards that read “52 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life”
– A mini book of inspirational quotes that all women should have
– A mini book of more inspirational quotes for general “stick to-it-ed-ness”
– A blue… lemur(?) plush toy… at least I think it’s a lemur… I hope? 

Yeah. Lots of schveet Fresher’s Week stuff. I’ll probably mail her one closer to her ACTUAL Fresher’s………… but that time isn’t now. The mints would probably go off and the lipgloss… *shudder*

SO yeah. That’s all from today. I’m so shattered. I want to sleep until Tuesday. Night!


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