Keeping Distracted

Keeping Distracted

So it’s Sunday and the world is still here. I haven’t opened my IB results yet so I have this underlying terror in my stomach making me feel a bit queasy…

Chimmercharlie has landed safely and all is going well for her as far as I know. I’m about to start Season 7 of Buffy soon.

Today is my BLEH day. I plan to get dressed at around 5pm because I’m going to a movie tonight with the lady I’m staying with. Apart from that? Not moving. Nope.

I plan to FINALLY go through the last 4-5 months of posts and tag things! Then maybe take a break to write a few stories on my Wattpad (because I haven’t done that in FOREVER). I doubt I’ll finish it all because there’s so much to do, but basically today is just admin :3

Catch y’all later! 🙂

PS- This seems to be going viral with my facebook friends:
It’s really bizarre because AT LEAST 29 of them apply to me- everyone’s sharing it on Facebook with comments like “OMG SO TRUE” and whatnot. It is true though. It’s a cute read though, if you’re interested 🙂



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