Reaping the Rewards of Hardwork

Reaping the Rewards of Hardwork

The fact I’m smiling should give away that I’m not a total train wreck after results.

That’s right. I finally read them! WOO! I’m not telling my score because:
1) It’s none of your business
2) Too many of my classmates still read this
3) It’s none of THEIR business

Anyway, I’m really happy with the score I got and I can go wherever I want with it, which is AWESOME! šŸ™‚

The thing I’m MOST proud about though- the thing that REALLY made my day…




I’m so happy, so so so so SO damn happy! I could have scored below 30 on my IB, but I wouldn’t have cared because I GOT AN “A” ON MY ENGLISH EE! SOMETHING THAT IS SUPPOSEDLY IMPOSSIBLE(-ISH)!!! šŸ˜€

Ughhhhhhhh I nearly wept with joy when I saw that beautiful little letter under the scores. I honestly didn’t expect it. I thought I’d failed it- you only have to scroll back through the months to see I’m speaking the truth.

I’m going to boast a little here- I’m sorry- but it’s probably the thing that’s made me the most proud in a VERY long time- I was 4 marks off FULL MARKS for it!! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

I feel like a genius :3

So yeah. Today hasn’t been too shabby!

I went into school to see a friend and then we went to lunch and shopping together. It was nice to catch up with her again, it’s been a while šŸ™‚

Then I moved out of the place I was staying and I’ve literally just walked in the door of my friend’s house, where I’ll be staying until I leave. I’ll miss the place I was at, there was a lot of freedom and the lady who I was staying with is such a lovely woman.

She took me out with her friends last night to see “The Lone Ranger”, something I did again tonight with just my dad and I. It’s not a bad film- delightfully corny if you ask me. I absolutely ADORE the score for the movie, I’m considering buying the soundtrack šŸ™‚

What else…

Tomorrow I plan to go to Universal Studios with a few friends, so tomorrow’s post will be a late one. Dad wants to get celebratory dinner afterwards so that should be a really awesome day.

I just can’t believe I only opened the results this morning! It feels like so long ago! When I spoke to my mum and sister this morning- to share the news- they gave me even more good news: there are job openings for me in Brizzy already! Babysitting! 5 nights a week, $18 an hour! Pretty damn good offer if you ask me!! šŸ˜€

Because I have such a long time off between now and Uni, I’m considering resitting a few exams in November, just because I can. I mean, if there’s nothing stopping me, why not? If I can improve my score with no pressure, then why not? šŸ™‚

So yeah! Today has been really nice all in all! I’m going to watch some more season 7 Buffy now, the cherry on top!

Night all! šŸ™‚



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