New Country, New Start

So after my packing nightmare in which I worked my butt off to get all of this:

Photo on 2013-07-11 at 16.33

Into 3 bags. Which I did. However- the total weight of those 3 bags was waaaay over 50kg. I was only allowed 40kg… which meant one of the bags I had intended to bring didn’t get checked in and instead the small bag I’d packed as an optional bag was taken…. oh dear lord. I now have no jeans/bottoms…. or underwear. Whoops. Hahahahaha…

I’m not ashamed to admit I cried on that flight- and not just because of the movies I watched, nor the total sleep deprivation I put myself through… I cried because I was saying goodbye to my home.

And then I watched “The Host” and “The Croods” and cried even more (finally got around to watching “GI Joe: Retaliation”! Wasn’t expecting much… it was a bit meh :P). I’d never seen “The Host” before- but I remember it ripping my heart to shreds while I read it all those years ago… The movie wasn’t AS good as the book but it was still a damn good movie. I enjoyed it almost as much as I wanted to stop watching it because I couldn’t handle the heartthrobbing ughhhhhhh 😛

SO yeah. Good flight.

Got to Brisbane in one piece and through check-in with total ease. I was really happy with my outfit too! Despite the slightly red eyes from crying and no sleep- I think I looked pretty good.


I was so freaking proud of my make up! The eye make up was so perfect! I’ve never done it so well! 😀

When mum and mei picked me up from the airport and took me home I didn’t really get a chance to look around the place- I just got to drop off my bags before we raced out to get some stuff done. Like phones. Everyone but me got fancy new iPhone 5s… I’m supposed to get one next month (ughhhh- don’t want one -.-). Then we hit up Target for undies and stuff.

When we got back from that I got changed and we waited for our puppy to arrive from Syndey quarantine. She got here and we took her on a huge long walk, which was lovely.


(^My eye make up is easier to see now- sooo proud of myself :3)
I popped out to the local market with mum to buy dinner stuff and discovered MINI CHOCOLATE DIGESTIVES!!! I KID YOU NOT!! We bought some and oooooh so freaking cool 😛

Dinner was chill. I kept nearly falling asleep because I’m just shattered right now. My own fault but whatever.

Now for my big reveal- I bought this in Target, I knew the second I saw it that I had to have it :3


It is SO SOFT and cozy and sweeeeeeet!!! 😀
I love it. I’m ready to go to bed now. So tired.

Night all! :3
I still can’t believe I’ve really moved to Australia though. It’s too surreal and weird. I can’t wrap my mind around it… :/


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