Not Much To Do…

Not Much To Do...

So I finished “Clockwork Orange” today- woo. Strange book, it has me wanting to use “malenky” and “o brothers” in my normal speech but I know I shouldn’t… 😛

Didn’t get round to watching “The Neverending Story”… dang… I’ll watch it tomorrow though…

Just chatting to some friends back home, and others in Melbourne… friends that I have anywhere but here. Where I actually am.

I love reading and all- don’t get me wrong. I’ve missed it like crazy, but I’m so homesick right now. It’s just so LONELY here. My sister started school today and has a few people to look out for her- although she doesn’t think any of them are the type to be her besties… *Sigh*

At least she has options. She’s already been invited to a party… two, really. UGH!

I was sort of invited out ish tomorrow night… then it got cancelled last night. Fun. So that’s another night in by myself. Again- fun.


*Huge heaving sigh*

Tomorrow’s plans? I meet a plumber at 7:30am. I meet an electrician at 8:30am. Mum goes out for lunch. I research uni’s at home. Old family friends come over for dinner. I spend the night in. Alone. Again.

THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING! There is no-one here that is even my AGE. I’ve walked the dog about 2,000 times in the space of 5 days. I’ve seen no-one. FML.

I can’t wait to go home soon. I have lots of plans already- I’m just worried I won’t be able to do it all. Eeeeesh.

I miss my old life. Sure not all my friends were there, but enough were there that I could have fun pretty much everyday. If no-one was available then I could always hang out by myself- which was also fun. For goodness sake I still get lost in the streets next to mine here.

Oh well, the books haven’t run out yet. When they do I might just have to cry…

That’s all for now, bye all!!



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