So It’s Been a Week!

So It's Been a Week!

I can’t believe it’s been 7 whole days since I’ve arrived in Australia.


Last night I FINALLY got out to meet some people- it was so unexpected that I had to get my sister to write the post for me last night…. hence her photo. I didn’t approve the photo, but the message was from me, don’t worry!

I had an AWESOME time last night. Most fun I’ve had all week- not that that’s much to compare it to…

I have three sort-of friends (as toddler’s we were tight…) here in Brisbane. I say “sort-of” because I haven’t hung out with them in *mumbles* years- over a decade at least. I saw them fleetingly last year when I visited over the summer, but I was too busy working on my (4-marks-off-full-marks) EE to really get to know them again.

So yeah- last night, very last minute, I was invited to watch the “State of Origin” match with them at one of their friends’ house (hence why I wasn’t really supposed to go…). I don’t know who said what to who, but it worked out that I WAS in fact allowed to go- on the condition that I didn’t wear blue.

Well, my friends, the outfit I’d been planning since Sunday-ish?? Yeah… it was a blue sweater over black leggings. I was thrown into chaos.

But why not blue? I hear you non-Aussies saying. Well, as a new resident in Brisbane, I’m obligated to support the local teams in whatever sport is of the season. Meaning in THIS particular game I was to wear red- or “maroon” (which they pronounce wrong here… I don’t even know why)- and not blue, which was the NSW team’s colour.

I ended up wearing white so as to stay neutral. (And because I don’t have any red in the country with me…)

When I was ready, mum dropped me off at the train station for my first ever train ride in Brisbane and my first ever unaccompanied train ride in Australia. Needless to say she was freaking out almost as much as I was. Only I wasn’t allowed to show it.

The train arrived 27 minutes later than I’d anticipated- having been told by the guys I was meeting that it came every 3 minutes. On top of that, the stations here aren’t like the MRTs in Singapore. THERE IS NO OBVIOUS TAP ON/ TAP OFF POINT AT *ALL* STATIONS.

My station? Nowhere to be seen. The city station? You needed to tap out in order to LEAVE.

Do I even have to say I was panicking?

I nearly had 3 heart attacks and a panic attack I reckon. From getting on: realising the tap on must have been somewhere hidden from sight on the station because there SURE AS HELL WASN’T ONE ON THE TRAIN. Then panicking on the train that there was going to be a policeman coming along to check we’d tapped on. Then panicking that I nearly missed my station. Then freaking out because I couldn’t find the guy I was supposed to meet and the longer I waited the more and more sure I grew that I had NO CLUE what he now looked like (but I do… so that wasn’t a problem). Then my final episode of the night came when we had to leave the station because I was terrified that if I tapped out at this point that it would realise that I hadn’t tapped on in the first place and I’d bring 500 armed guards down on my ass.

Slightly too much of a hypochondriac? Yeah, I thought so too. Didn’t help the fear though.

I wound up running through the open-y door-y things after my friend when he tapped out. I pretended to tap out right after him, and ran through while the gates were still open.

Quite the adrenalin rush to start the night 😛

With the train drama behind me, my friend took me through the city a little way so we could get picked up by one of his friends. His friend drives. I could feel my panicky little heart-rate pick up again when I learned this.

I don’t know what it is about driving with someone who is still in the process of getting their license, it’s kinda exhilarating. The guy’s a good driver, don’t get me wrong, he is absolutely lovely and really funny, but I’m just not used to being driven around by people who aren’t parents or… well… older adults. He’s 18, like me. My friend, the guy who picked me up from the train, is 17, nearly 18.

Once in the car the pair of them made me feel really welcome and had me laughing and joining in their conversations in no time. First stop was my friend’s house to pick up his identical twin brother- and some beer, then we walked all the way to the party.

When I say party, I mean more of a gathering to watch the rugby. In all there was… 5 girls (including me) and 5 boys. I got to chat with all the boys at one point or another, but I could only get 2 of the girls to talk to me. Awesomely lovely people.

The girls have invited me out clubbing on Saturday night. It’s VERRRRY exciting. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to club with them seeing as the boys are planning to take my sister and I out to the Gold Coast for the entire day…

Hmmmmm. Oh yeah. After the game finished (yay we won… ps- what the hell there was a streaker :P), the boys and I walked back to the twins’ house only to get in their friends’ car again and head to Maccy D’s (because ALL good nights end in McDonalds).

Ice creams all around, then back in the car and back to the house for a movie (“The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”… there’s a reason I didn’t see that movie… I’m not a fan of the “comedians” in it, the add looked awful and the movie actually managed to be worse than the add. So yeah. Fuuuun).

About 1am we all crashed out in our respective beds- I’d been given my own little room upstairs while the 3 boys slept downstairs.

All in all I had an awesome time. AWESOME time. So much fun. I haven’t laughed in a week and BOY have I missed it.

The guys are great company too. When I got up this morning- and the guys joined me 3 hours later…- I had this quiet moment to myself in which I realised that everything I’d ever read about and as a tween, dreamed about, was actually happening. I was sat in a house with 3 guys that enjoyed my company and there were no adults. So bizarre and at the same time something I could REALLY get used to :3

So yeah. Train-ed it back home. Vacuumed and walked the dog and now it’s dinner so I have to go. BYE! 🙂



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. robertring89
    Jul 19, 2013 @ 10:16:11

    Go the MAROONS!
    Brisbane’s my old home turf, which is a lovely place, and by no means as beautiful as Singapore. Sounds like you’re having fun 🙂


    • caitiecakes
      Jul 19, 2013 @ 11:45:07

      It’s certainly very interesting living here. Brizzy is a lovely place to be, but I think I have a long way to go before I can really call it “home”.

      And yes- I’m having LOTS of fun… on the few occasions that I actually get out of the house, haha 😛


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