Girls Day Out in the City

Girls Day Out in the City

Randers and I went out into the city together today. Despite us both being late (and therefore not really late at all :P), we had a lovely time.

We walked to the bookshop I want to work in and had a look around- nearly handed in my resume, but didn’t end up printing it out (another day, I will, but not today). After that we walked back to the Myer Centre- the only mall either of us sorta know- and FOUND A BUBBLE TEA PLACE!!!!!


…so naturally, we got membership there :3

Then we got Red Rooster for lunch. Can you say EWWWW?? I’ll never eat there again. The food was ickyyy. So yeah, that wasn’t a massive success 😛

After that we walked around for a while before deciding to go to the cinema. Holy moly it’s so cheap! Only $8.50 on the weekend, but a whopping $6.50 on the weekdays!!!! 😀 😀

But the movie didn’t start for another hour after we arrived so we decided to let loose our inner children and play in the arcade. It was SO much fun! We did the driving games, shooting games and, of course, whack-a-rat :3

After that we hit up the sweetie bar… holy moly Australia. There’s SO MUCH on offer and it’s all SO CHEAP!! Can’t you reverse your train ticket and sweetie prices? PLEASE?!

We both bought those unbelievably brightly coloured slushie drinks.

Holy crap. What a bad idea. GROSS!! Far too sweet and just generally ughhhhhhhh…

Laden with sweeties, we made our way to the movie hall to watch “The Lone Ranger” (third time for me- still just as awesome :3). Randers loved it, yay!

The second the movie finished we had to head to our respective homes. It’s quite a strange feeling, coming home on the train in the dark- especially since the boys had me half terrified about the nighttime trains D:

Anyway- clearly I didn’t die. Which is always a plus.

The only downside is… I think I’m starting to come down with the flu. Ew, ew, ew, ew… I feel awful. My muscles hurt and my shoulders to head all hurt and feel stuffy and ick.

So yeah. Thankfully this all didn’t set in until about an hour ago… So yeah, I’ve got nothing else to write about.


Bye! 🙂



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