Cupcake PJs

Cupcake PJs

How do I not have a boyfriend with these?? 😛


Today was shitty as HECK. I don’t think I’ve cried this much since I flew to Australia two and a bit weeks ago. It’s just been really emotional.

Dad flew in this morning and the second he walked in the door, mum picked a fight with me. It’s lasted pretty much all day until dinner.


It kinda sucked.

But it’s nice to have dad back. REALLY nice. To FINALLY have someone in my corner again… *sigh*


AHHH!!! Sooooo cute. Verrrrrry old, but I’d watch it again. Along with “The Princess Bride” and “Ferngully” and all those other childhood classics (that aren’t Disney :P)…

Now we’re all curled on the day couch watching “Bridesmaids” (for the bajillionth time. It gets better every time).

SOO yeah. That’s all.

It’s really hard to live with mum.

OMG how could I forget!! I organised my resits today! Part of the emotional breakdown today was due to that. I’m going in to meet with the school tomorrow afternoon to confirm it all, but yay! November exams here I come.


My birthday will have to be skipped. For the 3rd year running now. *Sigh*

What else…

I think that’s it. For now.

I simply CANNOT WAIT until Sunday to go home for a week. I can’t stand being away from so much. I can’t wait for the food and the weather and the clubbing and my friends *whimpers*…

Yeah. Homesick isn’t even cover half of it.

Byeeee! 🙂



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