Busy, Busy Day

Busy, Busy Day

So today has been full of adventures.

Woke up, fought with mum (naturally), then went out with dad to organise the resits. This school is all the way out in Indooroopilly (I’m in Clayfield), turns out dad used to live there when he was younger. After a walk down memory lane (for him), we found the school and began our walk through an absolute maze.

The school is HUGE and confusing as heck. We wandered around for at least 20 minutes, we found the netball courts and the girl’s dorm rooms and the health centre… then FINALLY a person who could take us to the main reception.

It all went pretty smoothly from there. The IB coordinator is arranging my registration over the weekend, so no late fees for me!

Getting out was EASY after our adventure in.

Once we’d finished the school business we headed into the City to meet my sister (she needed to buy jewellery for her “semi-formal” tomorrow night and I was in desperate need of a bubble tea). Then started our second adventure of the day.

From the City we caught the wrong train home- but didn’t realise it until we were 2 stops from our destination and suddenly the train conductor called out the wrong stop name and we all panicked- then mum yelled at us over the phone.

SO NOW we’re here!! Here being the carpark of a mall next door to home.

Heading out to the cinemas to see “The Heat” now, so I’ll need to turn off the internet. Bye! 🙂



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