Selling My Soul

Selling My Soul

So for the last 2 years I’d sold my soul to the school and IB.

Today? Sold my soul to my parents in order to get the fuck out of this fucking house.

I’m back in the IB.

I want to get to the UK so freaking bad. I’m SO close to emailing the UK unis and begging them to let me have a scholarship, any scholarship, just to get there and away from here. I’ll jump through hoops of fire to get away from here.

Mum hates me. Dad’s riding me. My sister is a little bitch.

Gotta love family life.

Mum is dead against me going to the UK, ergo she’s dead against me, quote: “wasting our retirement money on exams”. Yup. Life at home just went from hard, to fucking hell.

Dad supports me wanting to resit. In some bizarre twist of fate he’s now on my side to go to the UK.

If I can get a scholarship, I can go.

We now have house internet = unlimited internet = UK uni scholarship research throughout the night.

We have a blow up mattress in my room so I can be online without my parents hounding me- well, my mum.

Dad’s making me his bitch. He keeps singing the same bloody tune about this studying being my job. I have to keep hours and work around the house. My new rule, according to him, before I think about taking a rest, look for something to do around the house first.

Of course my sister has turned to the fucking perfect child JUST to highlight how shit I am. Always a plus.

Oh, I’ve been summoned. Bye.

PS- if you haven’t already guessed, no cinema tonight. Mum doesn’t feel like it.



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