Home, Sweet Home

Home, Sweet Home

I’m loving being back here in Singapore.

When I arrived at Brisbane airport to fly here there was a HUGE, bright rainbow. Obviously the world wants me to stay here too. Rainbows are signs of good luck, right? 😀

After that… the flight was great. Watched lots of movies.

Between this flight and the flight to Brizzy, I reckon I’ve pretty much caught up all the main movies I’ve missed from the last 2 years 😀

Singapore to Brisbane:
G.I. Joe: Retaliation
The Croods
The Host

Brisbane to Singapore:
Side Effects
Upside Down
Escape from Planet Earth

I’m sure there were more…. I’m nearly certain I watched 4 movies today…. argh, who really cares 😛

Walked around Orchard Road today, bought some stuff from Daiso (a.k.a. the $2 shop!) and met dad at a food court for dinner (Yong Tau Foo! HELL YEAH!!!) 😀

So yeah, dad and I just watched a bit of Eddie Izzard and now it’s time for bed. Very busy day tomorrow! Finally get to see my friends again! 😀

Bye! 🙂

PS- OH YEAH! I watched “Warm Bodies” today as well! YAY!



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