Ladies Night Madness!

Ladies Night Madness!


Back in my natural habitat πŸ˜€

Today was fun. I went out for lunch with my friend (teppen yaki! WOO! Haha!), before heading out into the city to buy birthday presents and whatnot. Didn’t actually DO much, but it was enough that I wasn’t bored.

Now I’m heading out to MBS, my local haunt, to go to Ladies Night! I’m super excited to be out again!

Tomorrow I’m getting a haircut (dun dun DUUUUNNNN)… anyone who knows me, knows I hate hairdressers. They are the spawn of Satan as far as I’m concerned.

But alas, I must go. Mum’s guilted me into it (and basically, if I do what she wants then she might reconsider the UK for uni…. *shrugs* who knows)…

Anyway, I’ll post pictures!

Got to go! Taxi’s here! Bye!! πŸ™‚



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