Procrastinating with Selfies

Can you blame me? I’ve never spent so much time on my appearance before! I’m actually WEARING make up and I’m NOT going clubbing!


I got out of bed at 5:40am because I was so worried about time… the taxi shows up at 7:10am and I had to shower, blow dry, make up and double check the house, however at 6:15am when ALL THE SUPERFICIAL STUFF was done, I decided to sit down and procrastinate for a bit before doing the boring stuff.

So please excuse the ensuing storm of selfies…





I’ve got “Look at Me Now” (Chris Brown and blah blah blah) on repeat. I feel cocky as heck and vaintastic right now. 

Don’t worry, the feeling will fade in approximately 10 minutes when I hustle down all my suitcases etc.

Gotta dash! Bye! 🙂


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