Post Party Lull

Photo on 2013-08-08 at 18.42

Chilling at home, finally back on my laptop. Just did a past paper and scored better than ever with no revision!!! WOO! GO ME!! 😀

Uhmmmmmmm, I’ve got a youtube playlist going, mostly Gatsby OST (in love with it), but some Calvin Harris too.

Slept over at the twins house last night after the party. The party was great fun! I met loads of people and chatted and played pool (I suck at pooL- first shot, missed, second shot, sunk the white ball. Go me! Haha). After the party 5 guys and I piled into a maxi cab and went to Maccy D’s (because we all know that every good night ends in Maccers :P). It’s so strange to think that this is what my life is now.

I am sleeping over at guys houses and being all single-girly-in-their-manly-man-cab… Their all absolute sweethearts and I love hanging out with them. There’s still a lot of culture shock I’m working through- for instance, walking home from Maccers, the boys tried to open every single car door we passed incase someone had left theirs unlocked. OR- better yet- actually uprooting a “for sale” sign and replanting it in front of someone else’s house. Yes, my friends, it appears I’ve fallen in with a few badasses. Apparently that’s a tame night for them and compared to other teenage groups of guys in Australia, their pranks are mild.

On the plus side, waking up to 4 guys cooking you breakfast is never a bad thing. (Ok, maybe “waking up to” is a bit of a stretch… it was more, I woke up at 7:30 and went to sleep on the couch waiting for them all to get out of bed… then them starting to cook at 10:30 after emerging at 10… and eating at 12pm. Yeah. Whatever. Still cool. Strange, but cool.)

So yeah. Got into a ton of shit with mum today because I was late home… got home around 1:30ish, but I was supposed to be home at 12ish… oh well.

One of the boys clocked that mum was texting me loads during “brekkie” and said he’d give me a lift, which was super sweet of him because I live- quote- “Northside”, while they all live “Southside”. So yeah. They’re a good bunch to be with. I’m lucky to know the twins, and luckier they have such cool friends… mind you if I’d been at school here I’d probably never be seen with them, not my crowd you know? Guess I judge too harshly, because these guys are awesome 🙂

So yeah! Let mum yell, did a past paper, walked the dog with mum and now all is good 😀

SOOOO YEAH! Hopefully applying to a job tomorrow. We’ll see! 🙂



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