Gettin’ Da Job!!!!

Gettin' Da Job!!!!

Sooooooooo yesterday’s post wasn’t entirely busting with information…

That’s because I NEARLY missed it (I know, I can hear your gasps of shock and horror from here :P). Anyway, mum decided she didn’t like my tone… again… and took my phone/laptop off me. So yeah. Nearly missed a post. Nearly broke my record!

So yeah, with the integrity of my one-post-a-day-promise saved, I will now tell you about the going’s on of today and yesterday. Starting with yesterday methinks.

So I had the job interview. Caught the train there… as if doing the interview wasn’t nerve wrecking enough, I had to get public transport there! Nearly got lost when I walked out of the bus station… thankfully there are a lot of helpful people here in Australia. I asked an off-service bus driver, who told me where to go, then corrected me when I walked in the totally opposite direction… then a policeman asked me if I was lost when I started spinning in circles halfway down a pavement trying to get my bearings… yeah. I made it to the interview early by 10-15 minutes.

I had to fill out paperwork, I was so nervous I nearly forgot my postcode. My hand was trembling. I had to wait in there for what felt like eternity, back painfully straight. My interview started later than expected and ran for about half an hour. Lucky for me the lady conducting the interview was really sweet and funny. After a minute or two of being tongue tied I relaxed a little and went with the flow of the conversation.

All in all it was really nice. When the interview was over she told me that if I was successful they’d call me around 3pm.

Which, naturally, resulted in me being totally petrified and unfocused for the remainder of the morning. When 3pm rolled around I nearly died… I waited and no call came.

10 minutes.

15 minutes.

20 minutes.

My phone rang.

I couldn’t stop the scream that came out of my mouth, but had to quickly remind myself that it could be a rejection call. THANKFULLY THOUGH IT WASN’T!!!

I was called back to the office this morning for 8:30am.

Then I had a fight with my parents again. Then, finally, I realised what I had to do.

I have to move out.

Greece is my ultimate goal, but my sanity comes first. In order to get to Greece, I need to move out first.

So today I went for my second interview/observation. I arrived early and waited for their meeting to finish. When she emerged from the room she took me to her car with two other girls and drove us all to Ipswich… I’d never been to Ipswich, but I knew when I saw the sign for Gatton that I was pretty damn far away from home.

First orders of the day were to sit down with her on a bench while the other two worked. We chatted about what the job would entail and what would be expected of me and what I could expect from them. Then she walked me through a few details before telling me to hang around, and I quote- “like a creeper over there behind that corner”- and tally how many people actually paid our little table any notice.

Yes, my friends, here is the truth. My job? I’m one of those annoying sales people in the shopping mall that try to get you to buy their handsoap. BUT! And it’s a big BUT! I’m not selling soap, oh no, I’m actually pretty happy about the sales pitch I have to deliver. I’ll be helping to raise money for ‘Doctor’s Without Borders’!!!

So it’s UBER worth while and completely charitable.

It is commission work, but hey, it’s not like I’m foisting something useless off on people! I’ll be helping others help to save lives!! πŸ˜€

So yeah. I tallied and waited and after about an hour was invited back to join them at the table, where she then asked me to help them bring people in. She told me the first few lines of what I had to say and when to say it. Happy to say I reeled a few people in! Unfortunately they weren’t interested, but hey! It’s a start!! πŸ˜€

She then drove me to the train station and told me she’d be in touch with me around 3pm (again) if she was interested in taking me on as a trainee.

I caught the train all 24 stops to the city, where I got off and walked into the heart of the shopping malls. I stood there and contemplated my options for about 5 minutes before striding, somewhat (under) confidently into a particular bank. I took a ticket, waited for my number to be called and then took my final steps to financial independence!

My banker was so lovely! Didn’t hurt that he was VERRRY good looking too (hey, I’m a girl, sue me! I can check out the banker if I want :P). Anyway, before I knew it, I had signed on with this bank, I have a few days to wait before my shiny new and oh-so-independent-of-my-parents debit card arrives!!! πŸ˜€

I’m so excited!

But the downside was by the time I’d finished with the bank it was quater to 3pm. The nerves set in again.

On the train I clutched my phone desperately, just waiting for it to ring. Jumping at it whenever it buzzed, only to be disappointed by Facebook updates.

3pm came and went.

3:20pm came and went.



I was convinced, by this point, that I hadn’t been given the job. I was taking it all pretty well to be perfectly honest.

4:00pm came and went. I decided I’d wait another hour before calling the company to confirm that I’d not been given the job when out of nowhere my phone buzzes at exactly 4:09pm.

A text informing me of a voice message.

I dial the number to get my voice message. It’s the employer. Quick as a flash I call the company to get her number then call her back.

Just like that I went from being a freshly graduated, yet unemployed kid to a freshly EMPLOYED and mature woman!

I have training tomorrow morning and then- if she thinks I’m ready- I start my traineeship on Thursday!!!!!!


So yeah. I’m pretty sure the shit’s gonna hit the fan soon about the whole full-time-job-exams-in-November-personal-bank-account thing… but right now mum’s at a Parent/Teacher conference with my sister and I’m supposed to be doing Math papers.

I’m just so chuffed I got the job!

I need to earn $500 quick so that I can put that in my bank account right away… but that should only take around 2 weeks to earn! I hope! D:

I filled for a Tax File Number and I need to hand that in as soon as I get it… I also need to get a tutor and apply to UQ… but neither of those things are going to happen until dad comes home tomorrow. Thankfully he’ll arrive after I head out to training… but holy shit let me tell you the next few days are going to be tough.

I can tell now that last night is going to be the first of many nights to come that I will look like some crappy actress off a low-budget drama movie with mascara running down my face as I sit, silently sobbing, in my room trying to block out the nasty things they say to me (or are saying ABOUT me very loudly just downstairs…).

Now that I have my new goal, let me tell you NOTHING is going to stop me. I need to move out as soon as I have the funds to do so.

With that determination in mind, I bid you all goodnight! I might as well go and do some maths papers! Haha! πŸ™‚

Byee!! πŸ™‚



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