Completed Training

Sometimes I worry if I should be more concerned by my avoidance of breakfast this past week… the only meal I can guarantee in a day would be dinner…

But then I shut down that train of thought and continue happily munching on my much-too-much-chocolate midday Sundae:


As you know I got the job! I went in for training today and start work tomorrow. I’m very excited to start and begin earning money. Dad got here this morning and so I’m just waiting for the storm to hit. They both tried to find flaws with my job this afternoon when I walked in, attacking me about being bonded to the job… only for them to read the forms I’d filled out and having to swallow their complaints as they realised I’m not bonded to it. It’s frustrating to live here, but holy moly these moments are sweet.

I got two emails back from potential flatmates… I think I’ll send them apologetic rejections, purely because I got a better idea about the pay today and know that I’d be better saving here for a bit before I move out. I’ll be looking to move out in the next month or so, but for now I’ll focus on getting my job and whatnot together.

I’ve wanted to keep a record of my work clothes for future reference (and to help any of you that may be applying to a job and have no clue what to wear, as I did…):



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