A Day of Feels

A Day of Feels

SOOOOOO I was studying for maths this morning when my iTunes decided to sabotage me with the sappy chick flick endings I downloaded the other day. I was in the kitchen getting some chips when my ears perked at the tell-tale sound of “Somewhere Only We Know”, the song that accompanies my most favourite ever chick flick scene ever ever ever: Alex & Gigi in “He’s Just Not That into You”. It’s my bible and that scene always makes me cry and hate life because it’s not like in the movies. You see, I REALLY understand Gigi. With the exception of finding the love of her life at the end of the film- I AM Gigi.

Anyway, I love that film.

That clip was followed by the end scenes of “The Leap Year”, “The Proposal”, “The Princess Bride” and “Sixteen Candles”. Yup. Total sucker.

So I sat and watched them all and hated my life and utter lack of love life.

Then I printed some resumes and headed to the mall next door, raced to the cinema and only JUST made it for the final few ads before the movie started… which movie I hear you ask?

None other that “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”.

HOLY SHIT THAT MOVIE OMGOMGOMG… but I’ll get into that a bit later…

Getting back to the ads.

I had the misfortune of having to endure the “Percy Jackson” sequel… Lord help us, it took everything in me to subdue my failing and hysterical inner classicist from screaming about all the wrongs in the damn ad. I dread to think what that awful movie is going to do to the perception of classics in the modern world of classically-uneducated hoons.


So yeah, not the best way to start watching a movie. Not gonna lie, I was utterly excited for this film. I don’t quite know why, it’s been a LOOONG time since I’ve been this excited for a film. I went alone, which was probably for the best seeing how I reacted to it.

As a movie it is FREAKING AWESOME! If a little rushed… but what can you expect from a long book being crushed into a 2 and a bit hour movie…

As a book to movie adaptation it is SHOCKINGLY FIST-IN-MOUTH AWFUL! Don’t get me wrong, most of the main points are still there, but there are so many unnecessary changes!

-What the hell was the point of changing Valentine’s hair?
-THE FREAKING ENDING!!!!!! WHY!!! THAT WAS WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS!! And no, those of you that have only seen the film, I don’t mean the twist, I mean Hodge. For the love of flying fudge, what the hell did he have to say that for???? He ruined the most gut wrenchingly unexpected ending ever. Completely ruined it.
-UGHHH there’s just too many little things!!

SO UNNECESSARY!! As a long time fan of the book series- not to sound too hipster or anything, but I read them back when the 3rd one was just about to come out- I’m absolutely appalled at the ending. WHY! What was the point of Hodge saying that to Valentine??!?!?!?! Book fans should know what I’m talking about. Anyone who’s read the books and has seen the movie will know that the movie ending, although a “tiny” bit different, is wrong on so many levels. Fellow fans of the books will know what I’m talking about. I hear your cries of despair. As far as I’m concerned, that really ruined the ending for me. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED the movie as a whole, but the script writer really put their foot into it by adding that in.


The film credits were still rolling when I yanked my phone out of my bag and Viber-ed Chimmercharlie. I ranted and gushed on the phone with her for a good hour and a bit.

I have to admit, the stairwell kissing scene (it’s in the ads people, don’t even think to say I’m giving spoilers…), made me melt into an unrecognisable puddle of girl goo. FUCK that scene was hot. Waaaaay too hot. *Fans self with paper* I’m getting flushed just thinking about it… again, hahaha.

LOVED that bit. GAHHHHH the butterflies are back 😛

Anyway… moving on… *cough cough*… *blushes* Sorry, I can’t keep my mind out of the gutter… give me a minute to recover. Ugh, that scene is so perfect *shivers*

GETTING BACK ONTO THE TOPIC OF FEELS- I applied to all my jobs and called Chimmercharlie again, feels like I haven’t spoken to her in YEARS! I miss her so much it’s insane. It was so good to hear her again, although I’d much rather be back in Singapore with her. It’s been MONTHS since I’ve last seen her. That realisation really sucks. REALLY sucks.

Everything seems to be happening in Singapore. One of my friends is experiencing a fairytale and I’m so jealous I’m surprised I haven’t turned green yet. *Sigh*

Then I went on facebook after dinner only to see that Randers had messaged me and mentioned HE WHO SHOULD NOT BE NAMED PURELY FOR THE SAKE OF MY POOR POOR OVARIES.

Yes, my dear readers, she mentioned my beloved Jared Padalecki. So yeah. I exploded into a hundred and one pieces all over my dining table. Ugh. So naturally I spent the next 20 minutes drooling over pictures of him on Google. I’m pathetic, I know, but she shouldn’t have brought him up without warning me.

And anyway, 20 minutes is pretty disciplined for me! 😛

SO yeah. Not much else to report, that pretty much brings us to right now with me sitting here writing this for you all 🙂

I was planning on inviting all the boys over again this weekend… but it turns out it’s Father’s Day. Whoops.

The twins say they’ll take me to see “City of Bones” again on Wednesday though… but then I just got invited to a party on Wednesday night with my one and only girlfriend here… I’m torn between going out and meeting new people (that could potentially be like her… *cough* dickhead *cough*… lovely boyfriend) and sticking with the guys I know and like and seeing a movie I desperately want to see again.

Doesn’t sound like much of a choice, the latter is so much more appealing, but I really do want to expand my circle of friends… *Sigh* I don’t know… I’ll decide later.

I want to read all the MI books again, but I don’t know how I’ll fit it in around the study… I need to get a maths tutor… Ugh. Life. Why.

So yeah. That’s about it…

Night! 🙂



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