Bizzarre Occurences

Bizzarre Occurences

Soooo- mum and I actually got along today. For pretty much the entire day.

No joke.

We bonded pretty well!

I now have tuition lined up until the November exams, I had a light lunch with mum and NEARLY applied for a job in the cafe… but then didn’t. When we got home I completed the most laborious two job applications ever (to Myer and David Jones) and then watched the first two episodes of the 1995 “Pride and Prejudice” with her.

Sweet stuff right!

Tomorrow I’m supposed to be seeing “City of Bones” again… I finished reading it (for the 2nd time) this morning and wanted to cry at the injustice of the movie. I’ve never felt so acutely betrayed by a book-to-film adaptation. I hate to admit it, but even “Twilight” was more faithful to the book.

I’m shocked and appalled that Cassandra Clare would allow this version of her brilliant series to be sent out around the world. After re-reading the book (don’t get me wrong, the movie is great AS A MOVIE… but as an adaptation… *shudder* it’s such an insult to her!!) I have come to the realisation that I’m pretty sure I know exactly how it was scripted.

Here’s my theory:
Some guy flipped through the book and wrote down each of his favourite little bits on separate pieces of note cards… then again with the quotes, not bothering to write down which character said which quotes.
The note cards were flung in the air like Hollywood actors throw money in the air in movies like “21”… randomly recollected and then set down as the plot for the movie.

There are quotes that are loyal to the book… but for goodness sake they’re rarely from the right character and in the right timing. Entire chapters have been rewritten, removed or rejigged to fit their fancies.

– Simon isn’t a rat? HELLO?
– What the hell happened to the Asylum?
– Since when was there a LIQUID portal in the freaking INSTITUTE of all places???

UGHHHH I don’t want to post too many spoilers… but, frankly, it’s shocking.

Anyway, I have to go so I’ll write to you all again tomorrow!! Bye! 🙂



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