New Experiences…

So, I finally know how much I have to drink to get drunk!

I started drinking during dinner and had had 4 vodka shots by the time we actually started the drinking games. I didn’t feel anything, not even a buzz, not until half way through the movie.

After the movie one of the girls had fallen asleep and so the 3 of us left “standing” decided to play “King’s Cup”.

Needless to say I was very drunk by the end of it.

The whole, stumbling on flat ground and laughing at everything and nearly knocking over my glass when I go to grab it…

It took 12 and a bit shots of Vodka.

Good. Lord.

I still remember everything from last night, I didn’t break anything, didn’t ruin anything, still had the common sense to put my laptop away before anything got spilled on it, I didn’t text anyone or update my facebook. There were no photos. I think I did pretty well for a first time!

I’m 18, nearly 19, I was drinking at HOME with my sister and one of her friends… hardly a hard partier… I was in PJs so I didn’t humiliate myself. There were no photos taken, so there’s nothing to be uploaded on facebook OR held against me if my sister decides to blackmail me for whatever reason. Mum was upstairs and fully aware. I think I did a good.

And now I can officially say I’ve been drunk! πŸ˜€

I didn’t wake up with a hangover either! I dreamed that I had a headache, which is weird, but when I actually came to (at 9am dammit), I was headache free. So yeah!

We did some significant damage to the Vodka though:


I didn’t want to eat though.

I’m glad I waited so long before I got drunk and although it was fun, now that I’ve done it once, I don’t need to do it anymore AND people will leave me alone at parties! The past few parties have been marred slightly by drunk people coming up to me with drinks and telling me “I’m gonna get you soooooo drunk tonight”. Now the novelty is gone! πŸ˜€


So yeah that was last night.

Today has been pretty slow. Not done anything besides have a shower and eat a massive bowl of chicken noodle soup when I regained my appetite. I’ve studied a little and now I’m going to watch the FINAL FEW EPISODES OF SUPERNATURAL SEASON 6 OH NO!!! D:

So yeah, byee! πŸ™‚

My New Favourite Drink

Wowwwwwza, last night was fun! Best party yet, not that the 18th I went to last week was BAD, because it wasn’t, it’s just… this time I was with mostly girls that ENJOYED dancing! I had more fun this time because we were on the dancefloor more AND they had no shame, which meant I could dance like I do back in Singapore! It was so nice to get to about 60% same as Singapore dancing. I miss dancing. I would go to 100%, I know they won’t judge- in fact they’re better dancers than I am… it’s just I 1) don’t know the girls well enough yet and 2) didn’t really want to dance like that in front of the boys.

Anyway, I’ll start at the very beginning (a very good place to start)… I showed up and all the girls were in dresses and heels- as opposed to my jeans and flats. Oh dear. Oh well, whatever, I felt good and most of the girls were halfway to drunk so they didn’t care. The birthday girl got me a drink the second I walked in- the party at her place consisted of about 15 people… ish? It was a really cool atmosphere, loud music, guys laughing and DJ-ing the loudest rap music they could find and the girls just going wild in the 3x3m space on the patio.

I only had 3 drinks there and discovered my new poison: Raspberry Vodka. Tastes so good with sprite! So yeah… I’m excited to see where this new discovery will take me. I didn’t even get tipsy before we left, which was perfectly fine by me, the group I was with was more than drunk enough for all of us πŸ˜›

When we hit the Valley we headed to this club called “Oh Hello”, I’d never been before and my-oh-my I loved it! It’s gorgeous on the inside, it reminded me of the party in “Across the Universe” where Bono sings “I Am the Walrus”. We didn’t stay long though, before I knew it we’d been whisked back to “Lemur”… I think I’m spelling it wrong… oh well… anyway, I’ve been there everytime I’ve gone out. It’s always free entry and I’m beginning to wonder how they stay open if they’re not charging entry fees??

Hummm, we spent most of the night in there before heading to “Our Place”. It was quite late by then (around 1-ish maybe? I knowww, that’s nothing compared to home, but here it’s deemed late- I guess when clubs lock you out at 3am would be considered “getting late”….). “Our Place” was pumping when we got there, it seems to get better and better everytime I go. They were blasting old school classics like “Mambo No. 5” and “S-Club” *wipes away tear of joy*

It’s good to know there are clubs with good music πŸ˜€

I can’t wait for Randers to come home and for Chimmercharlie to visit, we’re going to have a blast visiting these places- means I have to get to know the Valley really well by January… a challenge I gladly accept :3

Sooooo yeah. After “Our Place” the girls decided their feet hurt too much to go on and so we started the arduous task of tracking down a taxi at nearly 2am.

We tried calling, we tried hailing, we tried walking further down the road… all to no avail.

So what did these nowhere-near-sober girls decide to do next? Oh, well, you know, hitch hike.

Not even kidding. There was 4 of us and the drunker two were ahead of me waving at taxis and I was chatting to the girl with me when we heard them hollering for us to hurry up because we had a ride and so I ran… only to discover the shadiest looking black car with 2 guys in the front. No-one seemed to have a problem cramming into this car and short of being left by myself in the Valley… I had to get in. My heart was racing the entire way home. The girls were shrieking and laughing and being fun, which did lighten the tension in my body by a smidge, but not enough to make me forget that most of them were drunk and in a stranger’s car at 2 in the morning. If they had tried anything I doubt we would have been able to do much. I mean, 4 against 2 seems like alright odds… but with them drunk? Nah. Nope. We were easy targets.

THANKFULLY they weren’t serial killers/rapists.

Sure, they took the wrong turn twice and I was CONVINCED they were going to take us to some remote field and kill us all… but then they corrected their mistakes and we wound up a few houses down from the birthday girl’s house. Thank god I wasn’t the only one sober (well, she wasn’t SOBER, but she was nearly there), the birthday girl nearly directed them STRAIGHT TO HER DOOR, but this other girl stepped in and said oh no it’s a few more down.

So yeah. That was eventful.

Once we were inside we peeled off our clothes and pulled out the cold left over pizzas and pigged out. I really got along with these girls! Sure, I wasn’t my Singapore-self with them, I was still a bit too nervous to really talk much, but for the most part we all got on like a house on fire. They kept telling me how much they liked me, which is good right? πŸ˜€

If I said anything, it would be the right thing to say according to them, so I’m glad I’m finally fitting in with some girls here…

So yeah! We all crashed out after that. BUT HERE IS WHERE IT GETS FRUSTRATING!

PEOPLE HERE GO CLUBBING AND GET HAMMERED AND THEN WAKE UP BEFORE 10AM THE NEXT DAY! In fact, most of them are awake by 9!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY?? You’re supposed to sleep in until noon! Not be up with the crack of dawn!! Every single time I’ve slept over- with the exception of the boys- the host has been up before 9am. I wanted to cry when I became semi-conscious of the girls chatting at 8:35…

I didn’t have work this morning so I didn’t have to worry about that, thankfully. I did wake up with a friend though- the birthday girl has a lot of pets and I woke up to a ginger kitty curling up behind my knees:


Instead the girls invited me to come out to morning tea with them. It felt so surreal, standing in that coffee shop with 6 other girls (2 of them had gone back before we did- caused a lot of drama, I really can’t be bothered to go into it…), I felt like a teenager off a movie. It was that sense of things being too cliche to function, you know? We were all there, sunglasses, buying coffees (well, chocolate thickshake in my case) and waiting in the cafe gossiping about the night before. I felt as much a part of it as I felt like an outsider. These girls had accepted me for the night, but then were talking about people I didn’t know… I just took it for what it was and smiled along with them.

After we’d half finished our drinks we decided to split. Seeing as I was only 2 seconds away from the market I usually work at, I decided to head over and get my regular Sunday Crepes for breakfast, so I said goodbye and headed off.

I bought a cupcake for later and my crepes. The guy knows me personally now. He knows my name, knows my order and we’ve progressed to talking about our lives with each other. He’s such a lovely guy! I finally got the guts up to admit my embarrassment over not knowing his name- so now I know his name too. I STILL CAN’T PUT MY FINGER ON WHO HE REMINDS ME OF!! I swear he looks just like a BBC actor, but I can’t figure out who!


Maybe I’ll take a sneaky pic with him next weekend and see if anyone can recognise him for me πŸ˜›

While I was at the market I decided to do some recon- I wasn’t working this morning because my employer was bringing in her brother to help run the stall and she was showing him the ropes. If I had been there it would have been over-kill, 4 people manning a stall that only really needs 2? So yeah, I walked through the hall I work in and sped past the table.

I’m looking forwards to Sunday. He looked pretty cute to me! He’s probably going to be too old for me, but from the sneaky glimpse I got on Sunday he ain’t too shabby- naturally though my mum disagrees. She’d had the same idea as me, but she’d been to the markets earlier so I wasn’t with her.

Mum offered to pick me up from the markets so I waited by one of the buskers. She was amazing. I just stood there smiling at her stupidly and when I had to go I pretty much tipped my wallet upside down into her guitar box. Well, not really, but I did give her money (and desperately wanted to give her more… but I’m too poor :P).

When mum picked me up it was like everything from the past 2 days had disappeared, the air was clear again. Yay! We didn’t head home straight away though, my sister is having friends over tonight and she wanted to make Jell-O shots and so we swung by the local BWS and bought her some vodka, I begged mum to buy the Raspberry one but she didn’t .

When we eventually made it home I met one of my sister’s new friends and she’s absolutely lovely, very funny. We got on well. So well that Mei let me stay and hang out with them, which was sweet of her. Mum left pretty soon after that to meet up with one of her friends… so I took that as my que to walk back to the BWS and buy Mei some shot glasses and myself a bottle of Raspberry Vodka :3

So pleased with myself, hurhurhur.

Anyway, after getting back the three of us watched “Tangled” and I cried (ughhhhh, I can’t help it!! In “I See the Lights” you literally watCH HIM FALL IN LOVE WITH HER AND I CAN’T HALP THE FEELS!… *cough* sorry, I’m fine. Really. I’m just really, REALLY passionate about Disney :3).

Then my sister FINALLY convinced me to go and see the neighbour’s kittens. They just had a litter 2 monts ago and they are the CUTEST THINGS IMAGINABLE! There were 6 of them, but one’s been given away already. Yes, you heard correctly. They are GIVING THEM AWAY FOR FREE! My sister knew the second I saw them I’d be a gonner. So there you go. I want a kitten.


So we both started texting mum about them, we wanted one, wanted one, wanted one… but she said no. We ignored her and started looking up “Badass Metal names” for the kitten. Teehee.

We want to name the kitten Slasher or Doom or Lucifer, or- my personal favourite- Crowley :3

(Yes, after Supernatural, can you blame me? He’s so sassy and fabulous!)

After that another of Mei’s friends showed up and the 4 of us had dinner together and watched X-Factor (Dami, you rock gal). Now I’m writing this but we’re about to crack open my Vodka (well that’s a lie, I had a double shot with sprite with dinner- I’m about to get my second one when I finish this post) and start the drinking games!

First up: “Mean Girls” game. I’m looking forwards to it, I haven’t seen that movie in AGES and I’ve really wanted to recently. SO yeah! I’m going to go and be a cool kid and drink with my sister and her friends how :3

BYE! πŸ™‚

That Week Went By Fast…

Mum and I are still on unsteady ground, don’t really care. It’ll pass, always does.

More importantly… IT’S ALREADY SATURDAY??? WHAT??? This past week has just *POOF* gone! I remember the week before was soooooo slooooooooowwww! Torture! But this week is just… over!

So what did I do today… well, nothing much. I got ditched at home for most of the day- so naturally I spent it being a good student. Not. Well, sort of, I did a bit of study, but mostly just studying Jared Padalecki’s gorgeous face on Supernatural……….. yeahhh πŸ˜›

Not much else to really report. I’m about to head out for another 18th! Very excited! I’m starting to get to know these girls a bit better and I like them, they’re very nice! Mum’s going to drop me there so I have to go now… Bye! πŸ™‚




The Bubble Bursts… Again

Today went swimmingly! Well, more or less. Mum and I nearly got into a fight last night, thatΒ definitelyΒ still hung in the air between us today.

Had tuition first thing this morning, wasn’t too bad, muddled through another topic and a half. My sister drove mum and I home where we all promptly picked up our technologies and sat outside (ughh, it was at mum’s insistance) and spent time together not communicating. Mum and Mei had a semi go at me about “not being a part of the family”. It’s been going on for a while now. I’m tired of the tune to be honest. I do try to be with them, but there’s only so much reality TV I can watch- and when I ask to watch “Tangled” or “The Croods” (I KNOW they don’t like quote “cartoons” *rolls eyes*) they stall and put it off until I offer something else, like “Across the Universe” or “16 Candles”… but no, they’re still not interested. They’d rather watch that god-awful immoral show: “Tourettes: Let Me Entertain You”. (And yes, for those of you who feel as outraged as I do about the title alone- it is exactly as bad as it sounds.) They have this bullshit defense for watching it too and I just can’t stand it. So EXCUSE ME for have a CONSCIENCE.

Anyway, after a few hours mum decided she wanted to watch a movie at the cinema with the two of us, neither of us really wanted to watch the film she chose, but whatever, family bonding all that, so we agreed.

But first mum wanted to go Chermside (a mall nearby) for a bit, so mum and I set off together, laughing all the way.

That was until the car cracked the shits and started smoking and stinking and making all these awful noises. Thankfully though there was a dealership on the way to the mall so we stopped there and swapped cars. From the speed at which they got us a new car, I’m going to guess that whatever is wrong with the car is pretty bad… :/

So yeah, after that little adventure we made it to the mall, bought doughnuts and chattered happily along. She had to go chat with the Optus people, at which point I took my queue to be a little naughty and buy my sister and I some sweeties without mum knowing :3

Of course, all good things come to an end and by the end of the mall walking mum and I nearly got into another fight… we only barely avoided it.

Coming home I’d expected to just pick up Mei and go… but no we all sort of settled in for some reason. I checked my emails and found that I’d been given my first choice Macquarie Accommodation! SO EXCITING! And kinda sad at the same time- Randers and I were really looking at renting a place together here and go to UQ… but it’s a really tough choice. Macquarie is the better academic choice because it offers a unique degree… If I go to UQ, well, apart from friendship there’s nothing it really offers me. I still haven’t paid for the QTAC application so technically I haven’t even applied yet. It’s a tough choice, choosing between friends and a degree. UGH!

So yeah. I guess I’m going to Macquarie. It’s been my first choice Uni for a while, but I really wasn’t expecting the friends I’d make here. I knew I’d make friends… but I don’t know. I barely see them but they’re all that keep me sane, I’ve become dependent on seeing them. *Sigh* I know I’ll get over it. There’s just part of me that doesn’t want to go because I know how this sort of thing works… I’m an expat kid, people leaving is the norm for me. You make friends, they leave, you stay in touch for a bit but then you lose contact and it’s no biggie because you’ve moved on. But me? I don’t want to be the kid they move on from. I’m not used to it. All my Singapore friends are doing it now, they’re all at Uni and having fun and going through those bumps together. Me? I’m stuck at home studying.

Now the only Singapore friend I’m left with… I’m leaving.

She doesn’t know yet. I haven’t said anything to her… I’ll get the accommodation concrete then break the news to her. This situation sucks, but there’s no other choice. I have to do what’s best for ME.

God, I hate growing up.

So yeah, I called mum down to see the confirmation email. Randers and I were making inappropriate jokes on Facebook chat about the Supernatural case so when my phone buzzed and I didn’t touch it, mum picked it up and I panicked- wouldn’t you? She always has a go at me for checking my phone while we’re talking, so I wasn’t going to touch it, but when she picked it up I was terrified she’d read the messages…

I asked her to put my phone down- NICELY may I add! And she flipped out. I’m not even kidding, zero to sixty on the anger scale in half a second. She bitched at me for 5 minutes before storming off upstairs.

Needless to say, we didn’t go to the cinema.

Now, I’ve had Buffy “Once More, With Feeling” stuck in my head for AGES now… so I once again donned my “sneaky buyer” mode and “accidentally on purpose” bought the soundtrack for the episode on iTunes. She doesn’t know I’ve bought it…

Mind you, she hasn’t said anything about me buying “Pride and Prejudice”… that was a while ago so the bill for that has CERTAINLY come in by now… whatever. It’s not like these purchases are breaking the bank.

And if that’s the best I’ve got to “get back” at mum… buying music… then it’s hardly like she has a lot to complain about.

“Oh god, my awful teenager, she bought a BBC classics TV show/an album of TV music last time we fought.”


Boo hoo on her.

I could be running away or doing weed or just generally “disgracing” the family (she told me if I ever ran away I’d be “disgracing” the family… typical, she’s more concerned about how we’re perceived than the actual problem- why am I running away in the first place? Pah! And she wonders where I get my “I-care-more-about-others-than-family” attitude from? Ughhhhhh).

Anyway, whatever. Once I figured we weren’t going to the cinema, I opened Wattpad and continued working on my story. I AM SO CLOSE TO FINISHING- IT’S SO FRUSTRATING!!

So yeah, skyped Chimmercharlie just then and am about to go up to bed so mum doesn’t bitch at me again.

So yeah, night all! πŸ™‚

PS- TGIF! Tomorrow I have a party! Woo! πŸ˜€

Maths Overload (With Buffy)



I’ve listened to Season 6 Episode 7 about 5 times so far. (For you non-Buffy fanatics, it’s the musical episode and if you didn’t know they had one, yes they do- furthermore if that’s not enough to make you want to watch the series then you really need to re-evaluate your life choices. :P)

I can’t stop listening to it.

Dear god, the feels! D:

So yeah. Today has been dull. No tuition this morning- yay! So I walked the dog, called Chimmercharlie for a bit and have been doing work ever since. Tonight the twins are coming over for dinner, which I’m looking forwards to. I’m hoping to make a cake at some point (a belated birthday celebration or something, haha).


Ok, I doubt there’ll be much to report tonight. So yeah, here’s the daily post. UGH WHY IS LIFE SO BORING! Wish I could report something to ya’ll, but right now it’s a whole load of nothing.

Goals for the day?
– Bake a cake
– Finish my wattpad story
– Maybe watch another episode of Supernatural
– Get some Maths questions done

Anyway, byeee! πŸ™‚

PS- oh god how did I forget to mention this?? I GOT THE CHRISTMAS POSITION AT MYER!! Mum was in a shitty mood this morning and practically sat on me until I called the HR department and asked about the position. I got the position and they’ll send me another email with dates and hours etc. WOO!! GO ME! πŸ˜€

Another “Beach” Day

But not quite…

We were supposed to go the beach at Wynnum… (is that how it’s spelled?? No clue… not important) but as it turns out there is no beach at Wynnum. Or at least, no beach where we went πŸ˜›

My sister cracked the shits when she realised there would be no baking on the sand and so I was left to babysit her while my mother and godmother walked the dog down the boardwalk. I spent the day reading stories on Wattpad until my phone died just as we got into the car to go home. It was a nice day out… if a little quiet.

I didn’t get ANY maths done. Again. BUT! When I got home there was a voicemail from the tuition centre saying my tutor’s sick and so my session is now postponed until Friday! πŸ˜€


I said a big “stuff you” to the maths work (once AGAIN) and watched ‘Supernatural’, which means I FINALLY MADE IT TO THE EPISODE I’VE BEEN EXCITED TO WATCH SINCE THE DAY I STARTED SEASON 1!!


I did not stop laughing. The episode is pure genius and I love it love it love it LOVE IT!

God DAYUM it’s a funny episode.

AHHH! I can see myself watching it a thousand times over in the future πŸ˜€

But I’m not going to put any spoilers up so… I’ll just leave it there πŸ˜›

After dinner we watched “Slideshow”- still by far one of the best shows on live TV :3

It all gets a bit boring from there. Watched TV, cleaned the kitchen, wrote on Wattpad and chatted with Chimmercharlie again…

So yeah. That’s it. Night! πŸ™‚

Good Girl Me

Today was dull as dishwater- again. I woke up and had missed walking the dog and decided to be a perfect little housewife and clean up the house before mum got home.

When mum did eventually get home all I was missing was the polka dot headband and poodle skirt to complete my look. I was on a roll!

A couple of hours after I’d finished the house work my godmother arrived for a staycation. I let her and mum get along while I watched a few more episodes of ‘Supernatural’ until we all took the dog for a walk in the evening. I should really have done some maths today… I’ve left it all for tomorrow to do. Again. Ugh. I NEED MOTIVATION! D:

Anyway, after walking the dog we all had dinner and chatted and went to bed- but not before Chimmercharlie called and we spent an hour or so catching up. I really miss her. It’s such a bitch being so far from my best friend, especially when she’s all off and starting university without me and making new friends and enjoying the freedom that comes with being a uni student…


My time will come, I know. It’s just so far away.

Anyway, it’s late and I’m tired so night! πŸ™‚

Back to Boring

So today was uneventful. I got to sleep in- BLESS MY MOTHER! Had a full 11 hours to make up for the deprivation over the weekend.

Then did nothing around the house. Pretty much. That’s what it felt like at least. I did the odd job here and there… washed a ton of dishes around lunchtime because mum was experimenting in the kitchen…

Skyped Randers about Saturday night… Yeah. Not much.

I’ve had a Disney day. Listened to Disney music constantly all day πŸ˜€

Walked the dog.

I know. It’s thrilling stuff.

Now I’m going to crash again. Tomorrow’s plan? Maths, cleaning the whole house, seeing my godmother and HOPEFULLY watching another episode of Supernatural ;D

Anyway, niiiiight! πŸ™‚

Recovery, I Clean Up Gooooood!

Hoooooolyyyyyyy shit. Last night was. Wow. Ok. Um. Where to start.

No hook ups.
No boy drama. (But plenty of good ol’ drama.)
No hot messes… well at least none of them were ME.
No vomiting. (Again, not on my part anyway.)

So what DID go down then?

Pre’s with the girls was so much fun, we spent it in the bathroom (which was nearly the size of my BEDROOM) drinking champagne (well, not me, I can’t say I’m too fond of bubbly) and dancing. The girls know all the words to most rap songs. I have to admit I was thoroughly impressed πŸ˜›

We rocked up to the bar about an hour late… apparently that’s normal here though o.O

The bar was lovely, but the girls decided they wanted me drunk- job or no job in the morning (ah yes, I had work this morning… THAT was fun -.-). They were pretty hammered though so it was easy to fake being on my 8th glass of alcohols when I’d only had 2 and a bit- tee hee.

Everyone was so friendly and I even made a few new mates! πŸ˜€

The twins’ mum picked up my bag for me, which was such a relief. Then the drama started kicking in. One of the girls I’d come to the party with wanted to go to the bathroom so I went with her. She was completely shitfaced so she walked into a lot of things and stumbled, but thankfully we made it in one piece. Once in the bathroom we bumped into another girl from pre’s and together we hung out in the bathroom until they were done peeing. There were only two toilets on the roof where we were. An middle-aged-to-old looking lady walked in and was waiting when they came out…

Turns out this lady was a psychologist.

These girls were drunk enough to spill their problems to her. She was an absolute sweetheart, handing out advice like glitter in fairyland. Naturally, when the half hour conversation (that poor woman’s bladder- and friends outside!!) ended, we had a selfie altogether.

Once outside we made conversation with other people until one of the girls decided to pee again. Making our way back we found one toilet taken… with a girl making herself throw up. Not because she was ill, but apparently there’s a thing called “strategic vomitting”?? Anyway, she was going for it and the girl I was with decided she was going to as well.

With both toilets occupied with vomitting girls, a queue started forming. The other girls kept giving me looks- none of them were from the party we were at, they were all older- mid-twenties maybe? They started sympathising with the girls puking, but at the same time it was clear they were getting impatient.

And then?

ALL THE WATER IN THE BUILDING STOPPED RUNNING. All of it. There was no running water.

The toilets wouldn’t flush. The sinks wouldn’t run.

Suffice to say, the ladies left after that. Heck, I left after that! Thankfully, some of the vomitting girls’ closer friends showed up and took over from me. After that little adventure I hung out with this small group of 4- 3 guys and a girl. They were all lovely people and we had a good laugh.

At around 10pm one of the twins stumbled up to us and demanded we take him to the clubs that instant and so we all up-ed and out-ed there, trouping along from SOUTH BRISBANE/SOUTH BANK through the CITY and all the way to the freaking VALLEY! It was something like a 45 minute walk! It was intense.

But, thankfully, not sweaty.

On the way the birthday boy nearly fell into some water features, walked into trees and got lost but none of those things came close to the hilarity that ensued from meeting a group of bible bashers in the city centre. Apparently they’re after-hour regulars there. They just stand there and try to introduce Jesus into the hearts of Brisbane’s drunks post-10pm. I picked up a little flyer/story thing from them. My god did I laugh at it. I desperately wanted to go back and start a fight with them. The argument on the flyer is flawed… SO FUNNY!

Anyway, apparently we were missing out because they were also handing out FREE BIBLES!!!

Goodness me, I really wish I had gone back and spoken to them. Discussed their view on the whole conversion thing. Honestly, I don’t have TOO MUCH of an issue with religion. Generally, if you don’t bother me, I won’t bother you. BUT if you ACTIVELY seek me out and try to force your opinion onto me, I will retaliate. Well, about religion anyway. People can live their lives however they like as long as it doesn’t negatively impinge on others. Telling someone they’re a bad person cursed to eternal flames because they don’t believe in your imaginary friend certainly falls into the “negative impact” column in my books.

Anyway, we went on our merry way to the Valley and got stamped for Alhambra. I like it there, the deco is gorgeous! After about an hour everyone else showed up and splintered off. Over the course of the next few hours I went to one other club- called… Lemur? I think? Where I got groped- and epically rejected said groper. As well as a bar called “Our Place”, which I’d been to on Thursday night.

Someone vomited down my leg at “Our Place”. That was pleasant. Not. I nearly gagged, but kept moving and tried my best to ignore the wetness of it in my shoe.

Fun times.

At around 2am one of the birthday boys decided we’d head to Maccers en route to going home to his place. Him, one of his friends and I then promptly piled into a cab (I told them they didn’t know how to party if they thought a 2am turn in was hardcore…) and headed off.

I had a really good time just chatting with the boys on the adventure home, it was bloody cold though (and I was wearing this itty bitty little dress… ughhh… I was FREEZING!). Once we eventually got to his home we just chilled downstairs. I was supposed to be sleeping down there with them, but wound up back in the spare room upstairs when birthday boy number 2 showed up with 3 more friends.

It was a fun night and I wound up crashing at 5:25am. My goodness. I only got about 2 and a half hours sleep before mum came to pick me up for work. I was shattered, but somehow managed to muddle through the next 3 hours.

I’d cleaned myself up just before going to work, scrubbed off my make up and the club stamps, made my hair look presentable, brushed my teeth about 50 times, slathered myself with deo… all for 3 slow hours on the job.


I didn’t know whether to curse them or take it as a positive- they trust me enough to run the stall! πŸ˜€

Anyway, after that I WALKED HOME (ughhhhh) and showered for a small eternity. Best shower ever, haha!

Then just did nothing around the house for a while before mum dragged me outside to wash the damn car (**groan**). After washing the car we headed to “Cold Rock” for ice cream (YUM!!!!) and then came home for dinner. As you do. Haha!

So yeah. That brings us up to date with right now! About to crash for the next century, I’m so friggin’ tired. I nearly fell asleep in the car on the way to get ice cream. *Sigh*


Party Time!

It’s finally freaking Saturday!! πŸ˜€

The day has been filled with last minute birthday shopping for the twins. Unsuccessful. Completely. Soooooooo I did what any desperate person would do. We’re giving them a free day to the theme park of their choice. Haha… ha… haaa’ooh shit.

Anyway, I’m all dressed and ready, just about to head out to pre’s at a friend’s house before we go to the rooftop bar for the boy’s birthday. I’m sleeping over at theirs afterwards so I have this really annoying bag with me… whatever.

Hummm- not much to say really, I just super pumped for tonight! GONNA HIT DA CLUBS SINGAPORE-STYLE… hopefully haha!

Bye all! Will update you on my shenanigans tomorrow! πŸ˜€


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