Monumentally Sleepy

My goodness. I just want to sleep until 2016. Seriously. I’m shattered.

Today is Father’s Day so HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Incidentally, HAPPY FIRST OF THE MONTH! 🙂

Uhmm, this morning I woke up earrrrrrrrrrrrly because I had a job interview at the Eagle Farm Markets. Didn’t really know what to expect, but certainly not what I found…

The stall sells magnesium spray… I was convinced it was in the same vein as homeopathy all that other BS, but turns out- according to mum- that it’s legit. So alright. The ladies were sweet as sweet, but completely plastic. As in: full on bleach white hair, fake nails, botox, lycra sports pants and fake tans. I repeat: they are the loveliest women, but their appearance took me aback.

After the informal interview mum and I walked around the market. I bought two new semi-precious stones (lapis lazuli and bismouth) and the best strawberry, lemon and sugar crepes. Mmmmmmm :3

The singers were amazing too! They sounded like they’d just walked off a scene from the Buffy set!! Soooo GOOD!

The rest of the day was unremarkable until dinner when mum had a family over for dinner (the family we had dinner with last week). Oh! And the X-Factor is totally going to Dami. I love her. She’s absolutely awesome. The only one with talent and a strong voice. GO DAMI!! 😀

OK, right now I’m crashing… Sorry people! Night!!


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