Myer Job Interview

Photo on 2013-09-03 at 21.24 #2

So I NEARLY missed a daily post. Again. Ooops. Such a heart attack.

Today I’d planned to fix the TFN thing and finalise my Uni Accommodation applications… Didn’t get any of it done BUT I did go to another job interview. Myer this time. I applied for a Christmas Casual position and had to go to a group interview. Holy moly. Never experienced anything quite like THAT before! It was actually quite fun, once you got over the nerves that came with being judged and knowing your competition while you’re being judged.

What else.

I got the bus home and snuck over to Chermside to buy this eyeshadow I’ve been dying to get ever since I saw it. It’s nothing exciting, it’s just a bronze themed palate for $8!! I’ve been looking for new eyeshadows for a while and they’re all just too damn expensive, so finding this bargain was a godsend.

Absolutely nothing else has really happened.

So now I’m watching TV with mum and am about to go to bed soon. Tomorrow will be paperwork day. Study and TFN application and Uni Accom finalisation. That’s all that’s planned. Exciting right? I know! Who wants to swap lives! Hahaha… I really need to start re-reading book 2 of Mortal Instruments.

So yeah, gonna go now. Bye! 🙂


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