The Days Are Blending Together

In one long endless stream of boring meaninglessness.

I had tuition this morning. The girl working with me is super lovely and helped me tons. If it’s any indication how good she is: we got through binomial expansion in half an hour flat. No joke.

Anyway, after tuition I walked home and bought some potato cakes (I sense a tradition of this being formed :P), cooked myself some sausage rolls and took the dog outside to run around for a bit. Came home and did nothing. Skyped to two friends who I miss very dearly and fought with mum again. 

See? Boring. Meaningless. Repetitive. Dull.

I cannot tell the days apart anymore. I really can’t. I want to be able to countdown until I move out but I just don’t know when that is…

It sucks that my mum won’t let me move out if I apply to UQ because I really want to, but I simply cannot stay in this house any longer than necessary. I have to move out if I want to maintain my sanity.

I’m going to bed now. Night! 🙂


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