Dad’s Home!

So dad flew in this morning, arrived while I was out walking the dog. I’m still a bit shakey after Buffy last night. *Sigh*

Studied for a bit then realised I had the guts to watch Supernatural… So I watched 2 episodes- GO ME! Cried, naturally. Now I’m at the season finale of season 4. FML.

Just the thought of “Carry on my wayward son” has my eyes watering! D:

I’ll be watching it all by my lonesome. This is so freaking depressing!!

Anyway, went to a party tonight. It was… meh. I had a nice time but I felt very out of place and not many people stuck around long enough to talk to so :/

Oh well. 

Off to watch the finale. I hate everything.

Bye! 🙂


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