Finished Season 5

Oh dear lord help me. At this rate I’ll have Supernatural finished up to season 8 in less than a month- WHICH STILL GIVES ME A MONTH TO PREP FOR EXAMS! NOT GOOD!

I just finished season 5. Wowza. I was expecting the season finale to be a lot more emotionally traumatic. I was relatively dry eyed up until 39mins. Then I lost my shit. Completely. THEN HE WAS BACK AND MY HEART DID FUNNY THINGS AND I CAN’T ANYMORE I JUST CAN’T!

The only upside of finishing this season in 5 DAYS FLAT (o.O) is that I now have a season of sexy shirtless soulless Sammy :3

I am so keen for this. All my dreams and prayers are about to be answered. AND if I’m not wrong “The French Mistake” is season 6 too! 😀 😀 😀

So yeah. Tonight has been a WIN! 😀

Today was fun too! I went to the beach with the family. Quite idyllic really: mum, dad, sister and the dog, all of us trooped an hour or so down to the Gold Coast for the afternoon to frolic on the beach and in the (FREXING FREEZING) waters. Went all in too! My sister and I dunked under waves (once we’d gotten over our initial hypothermia…).


Tomorrow I have tuition. Frex me. I have done no revision for the test. I have done no homework questions. I have not looked over the next topic.



So. I’m going to bullshit my way through tomorrow.

Then I’m going clubbing.

That’s right, you heard me. CLUBBING! FINALLY! 😀

The friend I visited on Saturday night is letting me sleep over at hers. She’s going to take me for my virgin voyage through Brisbane’s nightlife! I can’t say I’m not nervous, but DAMN I am excited! I’ve missed clubbing so much!!! I know it won’t be the same as Singapore but MAN OH MAN! Loud music, flashing lights, sweaty people and dancing. What more can a gal ask for?

Oh well… A pre-marital Jared Padalecki maybe. But hey, I’ll deal with the cards I’m dealt 😛

I should probably go to sleep now. My sleeping patterns have been completely thrown with the combination of dad being home (meaning sleep in-s for me because he walks the dog in the morning) and staying up until 1, 2, even 3am to watch Supernatural. I wake up tired. Not tired like IB tired. But tired enough to what to put my middle finger up to the world and just keep sleeping.


And to think. I have 3 seasons to go AND the 4th catch up season is just about to be released.

There are so many shows I have to watch once I slog through Supernatural. There’s still Doctor Who (from the start of the re-vamped series- the 9th Doctor if I’m not wrong…), Once Upon a Time (season 3 is about to come out), Torchwood (again, all), Sherlock (seasons 2 and 3), Angel (because I haven’t quite gotten over my need for Buffy…) and a few more that my sleep-deprived brain can’t quite scrape up yet.

So yeah. I’ll need all the cognitive function I can gather to get through tuition tomorrow morning AND stay awake to manoeuvre through my first night out clubbing.

So goodnight all! 😀


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