Finally Friday!

Finally Friday!

The sleepover was… uneventful… sort of.

I got to the house, dropped off my bag and we were off! We walked barefoot to the train station, which wasn’t a smart move because I stood in a thorn plant thing and had to walk all the way to the train station with these god-awful thorn things in my feet because I couldn’t see them well enough to take them out without doing more damage than good.

Once we were on the train she introduced me to two of her friends… they were all very LOUD. I kept cringing, but had to put on a brave face when they looked over at me.

Fortitude Valley. Wow. That was something ELSE! I knew it wouldn’t be like Clarke Quay, but WOW. I don’t know what I was expecting… and still don’t know if I’m ready for tomorrow night to be honest.

We first hit up a bar called “Our Place” for $3 basics and $2 shots (when the bell was rung). After that we headed to Alhambra to get stamped.

I would most definitely go back to Alhambra. It’s gorgeous! I really liked the feel of the place- not that we actually clubbed there… oh no. We stood in there for maybe 10 minutes before coming out because the girls wanted to go to another bar called “Rick’s”, which we never made it to.

The two other girls disappeared with some people while we waited for them and waited and waited. The girl I was with started complaining (well, didn’t START per se… she’d been complaining all night) about her sore feet and blah blah blah. She’s a lovely girl, don’t get me wrong, but holding conversation with her was difficult.

In the end we decided to call it all off and head to her place, stopping at 7/11 en route for some Ben and Jerries, to watch a girlie movie.

We got back to hers at around 1am and started watching “He’s Just Not That Into You” (one of the all time best chick flicks ever!) at around 1:30-2:00am. We’d both fallen asleep by about halfway- after finishing our respective tubs of ice cream, naturally.

Then this morning happened. She woke me up BEFORE 9AM. I actually wanted to throw something at her. I was soooo tired. Who the hell goes out, then comes back with ice cream and passes out around 3am AND WAKES UP BEFORE 9AM!?!?!?!?

Awkward semi-conversation continued until around 10:30 when I called it quits and split. We’re going to go out “properly” some time soon. I’m looking forwards to it, honestly I am, but I need to figure out a way to make it less awkward.

Getting home was an ordeal and a half… O.o

I had to catch trains I’d never been on before, save myself from nearly getting lost, pray that I had enough on my go-card (because public transport here is RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE!!!) and make it home just in time to see my parents driving off.

Not to mention being shat on by a bird.

Oh yes.

On my walk from the train station to my house I had to walk under a tree… big mistake.

I didn’t know birds could poop so much (and this was a BIG ASS BIRD).

I was happily walking along, bopping to Ellie Goulding and marvelling at my ability to get home safely when BAM! Waterfall of bird crap from cheek bone to hip.

It was on my face, my shoulder, shirt, arm, hip… I’m just so glad it didn’t hit my jeans or phone or bag. I would have cried. In fact, I nearly DID cry.


Got home and dived into the shower, unpacked and soothed myself with some Supernatural SEASON 6 BABY! 😀

I’m up to episode 9 now :3

Uhmmm, what else. Nothing much really. Watched “The Wizard of Oz” with the family tonight. Dad flies out tomorrow morning. My friends turn 18 tomorrow night! PARTY TIME! SATURDAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!

I haven’t seen these guys in 2 weeks and I don’t think I can begin to describe how much I’ve missed their company. It’s pretty pathetic. Anyway, I’ve been invited to pre’s at a gal’s house, then I’ll go to the party, then we’re all going clubbing and then I’m sleeping over at the boy’s place. I AM SO STOKED! THIS WEEKEND IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!! 😀

Better yet? Being victim of a poop-bomb by the birds is actually supposed to be good luck so WOO THIS WEEKEND HAS THE ADDED BONUS OF ME BEING LUCKY! MAYBE I’LL ACTUALLY **GET** LUCKY! 😀

Haha, I know, I know, a gal can dream 😛

Anyway, I’m shattered and I have to get up early tomorrow. Night all! 🙂



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